Friday, June 14, 2013

Arkansas Ozarks Bound

Eureka Springs also known as Little Switzerland
We have made some plans for traveling in Mlle Cozette, at the end of June.  We are going to venture further into the Ozarks by crossing the border into Arkansas and visiting Bentonville, the Pea Ridge National Military Park, and Eureka Springs.  We are going to leave on a Monday and be back the next Friday or Saturday.  Where we want to go is primarily dog friendly but I have located a couple of doggy day cares in Bentonville.
Bentonville is where Sam Walton of Walmart fame hailed from.  I want to soak up a little vintage retail therapy while we are there, but we are primarily going for the art museum Crystal Bridges, Museum of American Art.  We have wanted to see it ever since we saw it on Sunday Morning

Pea Ridge is  important as a  battle site of the Civil War. The battle essentially saved Missouri for the North. The Civil War is Mr BC's field of interest, history-wise, so that this part of the trip is for him primarily.  The dogs are welcome every where but the buildings so that will be my field  of interest. 

Eureka Springs is just fun.  We have been several times, some more retail therapy will go on, but there is lots to see and the dogs are welcome on the walking tours, so they should be happy.  Also when I want to go inside a shop, the pups will be Mr BC's field of interest.


  1. It sounds like you're in for a very interesting time. Good that you can take the dogs, too. All you want is good weather.

  2. What a lovely looking place. Have a good time...

  3. If the weather is good, it will be perfect.