Saturday, June 01, 2013

(Amazing) Just the Way I Am! - Sat 9


1) This song is about a girl who can't accept how pretty she is. How do you respond to compliments? Do you accept them graciously, or do you get embarrassed?
I have learned after many years to just say thank you.  Instead of telling the person that their opinion is just wrong.

 2) Bruno says he takes inspiration from a variety of musical styles -- everything from rock to reggae to hip hop. What kind of music do you listen to most often?
We both like all kinds of music, now that we turn the TV off at 9:00am we listen to lots of different things on the I-pod.  I don't care for rap or jazz.  

3) Bruno's uncle was a professional Elvis impersonator, and as a little boy Bruno also performed on stage as the King. When you picture Elvis, do you think of early rock'n'roll Elvis from the 1950s, Technicolor Hollywood Elvis of the 1960s, or the rhinestone jumpsuit Elvis who performed in Las Vegas?
I was never really an Elvis fan.  I guess I was more of an Technicolor Elvis Fan as I saw a few of his films in the 60"s.  I was just beginning to become a fan while he was in his Jumpsuit faze when he died.

4) Bruno plays several instruments onstage, including piano, guitar and congas. What instruments can you play?
Sadly none, I was not forced to learn an instrument young and now it is too late.

5) Bruno is touring all over the country this summer. What's the last concert you attended?
I think it was Tony Bennett about 10 years ago.  I am too old for the stadium concert generation.  I live close to Branson, MO, so I would like to see a concert there.

6) Unlike some other stars, Bruno doesn't demand a lot of luxuries on the road, but he did admit to TMZ that he insists Wet Wipes be provided for his dressing room. If you could ask your boss for anything, anything at all, to make your workplace more comfortable, what would you request? 
I am not out in the workplace any longer, but I would have liked a place to take a short cat-nap.

 7) Rumors are flying that Bruno might become a judge on American Idol. Are you an Idol fan? Do you watch any of the other "talent search" shows -- The Voice, America's Got Talent, The X Factor, etc.?
I think I could be a Dancing with the Stars fan if Mr. BC would let me turn it on.  I really don't care for the talent search type of shows. 

8) Bruno is an unapologetic cigarette smoker. Do you smoke? Have you quit? Or did you never start?
I quit about 40 years ago.
9) Billy Joel also had a hit with the title "Just the Way You Are." If we were going to do karaoke, which version would you sing -- Billy's or Bruno's?
Billy's, his is the only one I am familiar with.  I don't know who Bruno Mars is.  I thought he was a television show.


  1. Your comment about Bruno Mars being a TV show made me smile because at least I know who he is. Last week, when you said you were "partial to FUN," I was unhip enough to think you meant you liked upbeat music.

  2. I'm still at the "you're wrong" stage with compliments. I hate them!!!
    I'm a comp show junkie, but after a season or two they get old. I still watch dwts, but my all time fave is so you think you can dance. It's the best one out there.

  3. I like that- "thank you". I usually tell them to have a nice day anyway.

  4. I wonder why we deny (or denied) compliments? Is it because of embarrassment or just our way of wanting to be convinced? It took me a long time to accept them gracefully.