Thursday, July 18, 2013


Reading: I like to spend the summer reading Austen, as she only has about 6 Novels I sometimes branch out into Austen Fan Fiction Sequels. I am wondering if playing the Austen Unbound game on Facebook is the same as reading Austen?   I am currently reading Fanny Burney's Camellia.  Burney is somewhat of a contemporary  of  Austen.  I have read her before and while I like Austen better, their styles are similar.  She writes satirically about England's upper classes.
I am also on a bit of a doomsday kink and I am reading Breakdown. by Katherine Amt Hanna, about a flu pandemic.  
Listening to: Classic Country Music on the radio in the truck and Public Radio on my car radio.

Thinking about:   When is Kate going to have her baby and why do I care?
Why am I not surprised Zimmerman got off.
When is DD2 going to move to Springfield? I worry about her long drive home from work,
so late at night.
Watching:  Inspector Morse again on Hulu.  I think even old British police drama's are better than U.S. police drama's.  It starts in 1987 and it is so funny, the clothes, the fact that he drinks on the job.  If a suspect offers a drink, he takes it.  Even the pathologist does not wear gloves when examining the crime scene and technology is primitive.
Bummed out on:  How hot it is here in Southwest Missouri and I have to wait another month till we go to cool Santa Barbara, to see the grandsons!

Loving: Funny YouTube dog videos and dog picture memes!
I am slowly getting back to my blog, today I am posting on MamaKat's writing workshop.
1.) A bad habit you’d like to break.
2.) “Currently”. A simple list of things you’re currently feeling as seen at Sometimes Sweet.
3.) Write about an argument you once had with a parent when you were a child.
4.) List 10 things you are afraid of.
5.) Write a limerick!
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  1. I forgot that I am also thinking about Kate's baby. Not worried about how much I care, though :) Visiting through the Writing Workshop.

  2. Yay!!! You're back! I missed you!

  3. I loved the dog video! I loved the cat one and I glad I got to see the dog one! Returning the visit!

  4. The media is camped outside of the hospital waiting for Kate. Because having a baby is not something women do everyday you know.

  5. Love listening to NPR. Is a royal pregnancy longer than 9 months, because it sure seems like it. I can tell you how hot it is in SWMo, because I'M THERE, TOO. The car said 106 today after it sat in the sun. Gahhhh! Wish I could go to Santa Barbara!

  6. I care about Kate... a future king or queen is worth caring about. The press 'presumed'the birth date... they got it wrong. Stupid lot.

    Enjoyed the dog video.

  7. I just got back from Oxnard and it was such beautiful weather there. I didn't want to come back to the very HOT Valley.
    I love the British cop shows too.