Saturday, July 06, 2013

Dedicated to the One I Love-Saturday 9

Thanks to Diana for recommending the Mamas and the Papas. (You can listen to the song here.)

1) The lyrics include the line, "Love can never be exactly what we want it to be." Are you happy with your love life?
Sure, we are coming up on 46 years together so I think we're pretty happy.
2) Another lyric is, "Each night before you go to bed, whisper a little prayer for me." Do you say your prayers?
Every so often I shout a plea of some kind, heavenward but I don't pray religiously.

 3) Mama Michelle and Papa John were married in real life. It didn't end well -- not for the couple and not for the band. Do you believe you could work successfully with a romantic partner?
I don't think so. Mr BC works at his own pace and it is usually too slow for me.  It results in aggravation for me, just working around the house and then I get accused of nagging.
4) After the band broke up, Michelle tried her hand at acting and eventually became a regular on the nighttime soap, Knott's Landing. Of course, she could live off of her music royalties while she learned her new craft. If money was no object, what career would like to try?
I think I would like to be Queen of Everything!
5) There is a famous rumor -- completely false -- that Mama Cass died while eating a ham sandwich. Can you think of another urban legend?
I received this in an e-mail a while ago.  Eggs or popcorn kernels can be cooked by placing them between 2 activated cell phones.  Pictures and all.  The conclusion that if it can cook eggs, what might it be doing to our brains.  See more pictures at Snope. I love Snope, it is a great argument solver with some of my friends. 
6) In the 1960s, every high school girl wanted to wear her hair like Michelle and Cass -- long and straight. Can you recall a fashion trend from your school days?
Yes, I had a friend who regularly ironed her wavy locks. (Not an urban myth.)

7) With the Fourth of July falling on Thursday, are you able to enjoy a looooong four-day holiday weekend?
Being retired we often enjoy 4 and 5 day long weekends.
8) Many communities have parades to celebrate Independence Day. Have you ever ridden on a float or marched in a parade?
I once marched in a Christmas Parade with my Girl Scout Troop and a few years ago Mr BC and I drove his Vintage MG in a 4th of July Parade.

 9) In honor of the Fourth of July, name your favorite Founding Father.
 I would say John Adams and would include his wife Abigail as the first real political couple.


  1. I always use Snope, my brother usually sends me a warning about something or other and I send him the link to snopes

  2. Loved the mama's and the popa's, what a great group with some fab hits!

  3. I remember ironing hair! Rolling your hair around BIG fat tin cans was supposed to work, too.

  4. Congrats on the 46 years. That is so impressive. I couldn't work with a boyfriend/husband . I think everyone needs their own thing. It's too much together time. :). Hope you had a great 4th!

  5. That egg thing is just one more reason why I will continue to use my speakerphone.

  6. I love Snopes as well and frequently shoot links to it back to my husband about things he's sent me.

  7. I just cannot imagine ironing hair! Hope your foour day celebrations went well. Now I'm off to find out what Snope is.

  8. I had my hair long and straight in the 60's but I didn't iron it. :)