Sunday, July 21, 2013

Sunday Stealing-Collapse

This week's questions come from FoxyDanish but she didn't say where she got it. It was labled COLLAPSE but I am not sure why.

Have you ever clicked on an ad on the side of your screen by accident?: All the time.  My computer is very wonky and when I click on a link in google, I sometimes get some advertising spot and not the place I want. I need to have it serviced.

When was the last time you were disappointed?: Nothing comes to mind right now. I guess that we haven't traveled as much as we wanted to in retirement. 

Do you like the smell of rain?: I love the smell of rain and of the air in general, moving from CA to MO has made a real change in air quality, I love to drink in a sunny day.

What was the last thing you took a picture of?: My Furbabies.

When you go to McDonald's, what drink do you usually get?: I love their iced coffee.  It stays strong to the very last sip.

What were you doing today at 2:15 in the afternoon?: Yesterday, I was doing laundry, so I could change the sheets.  I have an 800 thread count set of sheets that I love so I take them off, wash them and make the bed right away.

What's the nickname of your home state?: The Show Me State.

What's the worst type of weather in your opinion?: Spring/Summer thunderstorms because of the chance of tornados.  I am a firm believer in climate change.  Plus the puppies hate thunder and lightening.

Do you have a Kindle, Nook, iPad or none?: Mr BC and I both have Kindles and we love them.  I am not sure I will buy any more real books.

Would you rather read or write?: Right now I am just catching up on reading.  I haven't felt a creative vibe for such a long time.  I have barely kept up with this blog.

When was the last time someone took a picture of you?: When I last visited the grand children I was in the video of Caшa taking his first steps.

Do you own a pair of slippers?: Yes, but I rarely wear them because one of them is always missing.

Name something negative that you hate about yourself: That I have so little will power regarding my weight. It will do me in one day if I don't get control of it.

Is your house currently hot, cold or just right?: Just right, but the AC will come on soon.

Is there a Dead End road near where you live?: Yes a couple of blocks away.

Do you roll your eyes often?: I use to roll them often because of all the training classes I conducted...It was very noticeable and I received negative comments, so I forced myself not to do it.  When you have to talk in front of people you have to watch the body language.

Growing up, did you see your cousins often?: I sure did, we were a close family now I don't even keep in touch with them, because they are gone already and I moved to MO. I do keep up with one of my cousin's daughter on facebook.

Where was your first job at?: A nursing home at 16, my first full time job was at a bank....thus Bankerchick!

When's your birthday?: It is on Thursday, I will be 66.

Is life a party to you?: Life is joyful for me but I wouldn't call it a party.

Who are you tired of seeing in the news a lot? : George Zimmerman.

When was the last time you flew a kite?: I was with my grandson Лука and his daddy.

How long have you had a blog?: My first post was Dec 11, 2006, I stopped for a year that first year then went back in fits and starts until I retired an started writing regularly.

Have you ever had to call and complain about a product you bought?: Nothing comes to mind...If I am unhappy, I take it back and complain.  I am sure I have made a call or two.

Name something positive you love about yourself: I am somewhat patient, forgiving and optimistic.


  1. Gosh you've been blogging a long time!

    Happy Birthday for Thursday. xx

  2. Happy birthday!

    I was just talking with some friends about buying physical books, and that it feels weird to read and hold them now. Funny how having eReaders has changed my reading habits over the years.

  3. I received a comment about body language from an interviewer once! You do have to watch it. Happy birthday this week--hope you have a fabulous day!

  4. I worked in plenty of nursing homes as a nurse. You can actually learn a lot about things working in one.

  5. I think you need a little song...
    Happy Birthday to you
    Happy Birthday to you
    Happy Birthday dear Bankerchick
    chachacha ;)

  6. 800 threads? Wow, I can only find 400 when I shop for sheets. I bet they feel like silk!

    1. I picked them up at TJ Maxx for about $40 or 50 dollars. They are silky.

  7. Happy Birthday, Katie! I hope you have a wonderful day and do anything at all that you want to.

    Our sheets felt like silk when we got them. They are 400 count from Costco.

    I love this answer: "Do you own a pair of slippers?: Yes, but I rarely wear them because one of them is always missing." Is it the fur babies faults?