Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Chatting on the Porch

Everyday Ruralty

1.  Do you have any type of air cleaner in your home?
Just the filter on the air conditioner.  I use to have a couple of ionizers, but even though it collected gunk on the bars...I never thought the air was that much cleaner.  I always have the air humidifier going in the winter around here.  That really does make a difference.

2.  What do you do with the spare change you accumulate in your car, purse, pockets, etc?
I have several areas where I collect loose change, I find on the floor etc.  I always end with change at the bottom of  my purse when my wallet doesn't close and dumps it.  It stays there a while until I clean my purse out.  It gets put back in my wallet and the cycle starts all over again.  I always collect so much change that I try to give exact change.  DD2 says that is an old person THING giving cashiers exact change....from her days as a cashier.

What's one chore you wish you never had to do again?
Oh, toilets...definitely toilets If you have a man in you life, toilets are very problematic.. Maybe dishes...they run a very close second.

Are you outgoing, quite, shy, reserved, or life of the party?
I am fairly quiet.  I like to listen.  I use to be quite a talker but then I decided there was a need for pauses in conversation.  I also thought it was an unattractive quality in some people I knew so I just decided to be quiet.  I makes me a better mother-in-law.

Have you understood your parents more as you've gotten older?
Most surely, That's the greatest thing about having kids of your own....and hearing you mothers words coming out of your mouth.  I think as I got old enough to see their relationship or non relationship with their own immediate family.  I could make connections with how they were raised vs how they were as adults, and I could see where they were coming from.


  1. I don't cleaning toilets, either. I find it's not the best job no matter who lives in the house. It's the nastiest job to do next to changing a soiled diaper.

    I love the banner you shared, "I hear my mother's voice shooting out of my face!!" Boy, I hear the same thing time and time again.

    Hopping over from Patrice's farmhouse porch. It was nice to meet you. Now your GFC follower! ;)

  2. I hate cleaning toilets! I put it off as long as possible, hoping that someone will do it for me. That never happens!

  3. I have the best solution for cleaning the toilet - MWM does it! LOL

  4. On the same page with the toilets - not my favorite job however since hubby does everything else I am stuck with it.

  5. I laughed so hard at the toilet cleaning answer!!! Have a good week.

  6. Loved your toilet cartoon... I raised two boys and have five, count 'em... five, grandsons! I need to listen more... I'm working on it!

  7. I agree whole heartedly about the toilets...all of it. Blech!
    Being a good listener is a good quality. Not everyone has that one.

  8. I love the toilet caption...after raising two sons....its so true..Im sure they thought there was a Loo Fairy who magically kept the bathroom clean
    Great answers. Thanks for sharing
    Phoebe x

  9. I wish I didn't clean toilets... but who else would remember to do it?

    I'm a listener, too. Coming from a family of talkers I found it easier to listen. Now I hear that there's nothing like a good listener so my ego is lifted.

  10. It is a real "aha" moment, isn't it, that first time you say something that your mother said, something that maybe you'd sworn to never say to your own children? Never say never!

    Have a great week!