Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Chatting on the Porch......overlooking the ocean.

Everyday Ruralty

1.  My oldest daughter has returned to college for her second year. Could I get you to give her some good wishes here? Please? To Patrice's DD1, Have a happy, productive year in your second year of college.  My DD1 went off to UCSB and the weather was so nice that she only came home for holidays.  She got jobs in Santa Barbara for summer breaks and never came home to live again.  I am currently spending the next 2 weeks in SB visiting now.  She has married and has 2 boys.  So go home when you are finished.

2.  Summer is about to move on, what will you miss the most? And the least? Missouri is so humid in the summer that I don't miss anything when it  moves on.  It is our least favorite season.  I will miss strawberries and melons.

3.  Are you currently working on any craft, sewing, DIY home, or any other creative project? I am so not into creative crafts and such, except maybe for Christmas.  I do have company coming in October so I have to finish getting my new curtains up and finally unpack the rest of the moving boxes in the garage.....It's only been a year!

4.  If you could have any treatment at a spa for free, what would it be? A pedicure and a massage.  My 2 favorite ME things to have done at a spa.

5.What's your favorite kind of pasta?  I don't eat pasta much any more, to many carbs...but I do love a great Italian lasagna.  I use to make it for company.  Then I changed it to vegetable lasagna.....then I cut the noodles and serve a Italian vegetable mixture over spaghetti squash.  I will  have pasta if I am going to an Italian restaurant....for a treat.

As I mentioned I am enjoying a few weeks in Santa Barbara with my grandsons and DD1.  We spent a few days in the desert with my Brother and his wife and I am glad to be in the cool of the coast.  It is almost always beautiful in Santa Barbara. I will post and comment, as I can. 


  1. Love the comment to my daughter. I am going to send her the links when everyone links up. She will enjoy reading them. My sister was really worried about her going too far away. She is didn't go to the distant college, instead, she is about 50-60 minutes away. It came in handy last year when she got bronchitis and called us to come get her ( and baby her for a week). :)

  2. Im going to miss strawberries and melons too
    Im moving in two weeks, from the UK to California..I can sympathise with the unpacking..it will be a daunting task for me too
    Great answers...thank you for sharing
    Have wonderful week and enjoy your time in Santa Barbara
    Phoebe x

  3. Good luck with your unpacking and your curtains. I love spaghetti squash with sauce, we actually prefer it to noodles! Enjoy your trip to Santa Barbara... sounds like fun!

  4. Great advice! I think college is such a great experience and so many of us end up meeting people and sticking around. I stuck around for a few years and then moved back "home". Shortly after, my parents retired and moved just as far away. :)
    Have a wonderful time in SB. Love it there! I would have stayed too.

  5. Oh it's lovely that you're having time with your grandsons and in superb weather too. It must be really lovely by the coast.

  6. I have lived in my house 13 years and I still have boxes from moving. You're good!

    Enjoy your time with your grand babies!