Sunday, November 16, 2014

A Lazy Sunday Stealing

Taking Stock Meme 
Stolen from: The Blake Collection

 Making:  An apple pie dump cake.  I need to bake something to warm the kitchen up.

 Cooking: Vege-burgers and sweet potato fries for dinner tonight.

 Drinking: Diet cranberry Sierra Mist and Chai Tea.

 Reading: The Princess Bride, just finished Cary Elwes book on the making of the Movie.  I never read Wm Goldman's original book .

 Wanting:  To un-see 
Kim Kardashian's huge oily butt.  Why???

 Looking: At the last of my magazine subscriptions.  I have chosen not to renew any of them as the print is too hard for me to read I am reading and enjoying the last of my December editions.

 Wasting:  Time on the internet doing my weekend memes and looking at Tumblrs.

 Wishing:  It wasn't so cold and the sun was out so I could walk the dogs.  They are bored.

 Enjoying:  A lazy day.

 Waiting: For July.... to pay for our trip to Europe, so we can get our flight and hotel info and really start planning. 

 Liking: Mint M & M's to an obsession.

 Wondering: If we will really get snow's cold enough but the sky is clear so far.  

 Loving: Mr BC and the doggies all the time.

 Listening: To Totes chewing up his squeaky toy that I just gave him because he was bored.

 Needing:  To get a grandson fix...I will try to Skype on Sunday

 Smelling: How sweet smelling the dogs are.  I took them all to be cold for a bath at home.

 Wearing: Some of my flannel pajamas that I brought downstairs in my annual switch out of summer to winter,  I had to keep some of the summer out for our trip to CA.

 Following:  The news about Philea and how the batteries have died.  I thought this was a great space adventure

 Noticing: That I need a haircut.  It is curling up at my neck and flat on top because it is just too long.  I think I will wait until after Thanksgiving.  Then I won't have to get it done before Christmas.

 Knowing: I need to find someone to fix my vacuum (a Dyson) and hoping I won't have to b1964uy a new one.  In the meantime I sure need to vacuum. I use to just buy a new cheap one if they crap out...but the Dyson was so expensive to begin with.  I was working then so money wasn't so tight.

 Thinking: About what to get the boys for Christmas.  Making a list on Amazon and I have a couple of ideas.

 Feeling: Confused, about why I am getting so many e-mail error messages, on comments that I am making on some of the blogs I follow.  What is happening is they are not  getting emails that I commented on their posts.....which is ok as long as the comment is there.  However, the error messages are filling up my email on days that I comment on everyone's meme posts. What's with that?

 Bookmarking:  Actually part of what I did on the computer today is deleting a lot of old bookmarks in my files.  So many were out of date and I needed to make folders for other similar ones that I do visit a lot. 

 Opening: My Amazon orders of coats for the dog....and finding I will have to send them back as they are too small....I measured them but the belt that goes around the middle doesn't reach.  I am now going to reorder some coats, that have a girth measurement.  The dogs and I are too lazy to get the measuring done.

 Giggling: At A Hard Days Night on TCM.  I haven't seen it since I watched at the movies in 1964.  

Sunday Stealing


  1. our weather updated about an hour ago to no expected snow now. But girl, why are we up?

  2. I am letting my magazine subscriptions lapse, too, for the most part, but because of the clutter. I wish I could figure out how to transfer the print subscriptions to my Kindle.

  3. Dyson's are supposed to be VERY easy to fix - my son has taken ours apart and then put it all back together again. That's one of the beautiful things about them. What's it doing? Or not doing?
    And we got snow here in MI this week. With more in the forecast. It's overrated. :)

  4. I think I have to go through my old bookmarks as well. I don't know why I bookmark them when I never refer back to them later. :S

  5. I really need to vacuum. But I don't want to do anything. I love your Sunday graphic. ;-)

  6. From what I can tell from all of the funny images on facebook/twitter, that whole oily butt thing kinda backfired on her although, I am sure she is laughing all the way to the bank

  7. LOVE that Sunday quote at the beginning...made me laugh! And yes, to un-see Kim's big oily butt would be wonderful. lol

  8. I've never used a Dyson, they are hugely expensive over here. I keep hearing about the fat butt but so far haven't seen it!

    I see you get comments from the so-called American Man. I wish I could get rid of him permanently.

  9. I really need to get a haircut also. I will put that on the agenda for this weekend. Thanks for the reminder :)