Friday, January 09, 2015

Friday Fragments-What I Did on My Christmas Vacation

Half-Past Kissin' Time

Well we are back from our trip to California.  We left the Monday after Christmas trying to get home before New Years.  We arrived home the Friday after New Years.  Part of it had to do with not being able to leave before noon, because Mr BC had to pick up parts at Moss Motors, for the Triumph, he is restoring.  He thought as long as he was in town......This put us in Los Angeles, right in the middle of evening traffic.....really bad traffic and we it was bad all the way to Victorville.  Essentially we lost a whole day, thank you very much.

When we decided to stop early the next day, because we were beat.  The nice lady at the KOA Kampground, encouraged us to go on well past Flagstaff, as they were expecting a massive weather storm and might not get out the next day.  From then on we were out in front of winter storms the rest of the way home.  After the last trip to CA in the winter and this we have decided we are not winter campers.....Though the weather while we were in CA was fantastic.  Getting home is problematic.

As I said the weather was beautiful in Carpenteria, where we camped at the State Beach.  This was our view out our front door.

A trip down the beach takes you to the naturally occurring surface asphalt the Chumash Indians used to seal their canoes.  Petroleum seeps are still visible along the beach bluffs at Tar Pits Park on the campground beach of Carpinteria State Beach. *Wickipedia

Christmas was fun with the boys...both have grown so tall and I love that I can hold a rather grown up conversation with almost 6 year old Лука, He is as patient as he can be most of the time, with his little brother.  He got a bigger bicycle this year. 
It was the only thing that, almost 3 year old Caшa, didn't claim.....Mine, mine, mine!  

 Caшa, already has a smaller glider bike that he can maneuver quite well.  They both went out for rides, later in the day with the kids in the neighborhood.

Everyone stayed healthy while we were there so thankfully we made it home healthy.  Though, Thursday all day, Mr BC was laid low with a very upset stomach bug.  I did not know he had all that in him!  It has not progressed to anything else so maybe it was something he ate.


  1. We watch the weather network when we plan our trips south in the winter time. Many a trip we have run ahead of winter weather. Glad you are safely home and your Christmas sounds wonderful.

  2. I'm going to have to write the name of the campground down...just in case we ever get out there. We camped in The Keys between Christmas & New Year's...HEAVEN!!!
    Hope Mr. BC is feeling better!!!!

  3. It's good that you are able to spend Christmas with you family, especially the boys. Loved all your photographs. Happy New Year.