Friday, January 16, 2015

Friday Fragments and Funnies

The day before we left on vacation, my washer broke and I had to finish it at my daughter's, who happily lives on the next street over.  When we got back, I looked on the Whirlpool web site and called one of the local repair service.  He ended up coming 3 times over 2 weeks. to finally get it fixed. After the 2nd time I Googled the error codes, and found this was a problem that was able to be resolved, so I mentioned the source to him.  He was sure it was something else but when he got here the 3rd time......I turned out to be right.  He still charged me 45 more, dollars for labor.  I am not sure I will be calling them for anything else.

When we were driving back from California a few weeks, we had a close call with an eighteen wheeler.  In Arizona, Mr BC was getting back on I 40 after a rest stop and gas fill up.  He was accelerating back on to the highway, taking a look to see who might be coming up as he merged, when he looked back the rig in the right lane was barely moving and was quite disabled.  He had to slam on breaks and steer towards a guard rail.  We ultimately stopped with out wrecking, but it was close.  I was still shaking miles later. 

My Grandsons enjoying their new bikes on Christmas day.  The weather was beautiful the whole time we were in CA.  See my beach pictures from last week.  It has been very cold here but no snow or ice and temps in the 50's this weekend.

Some funnies for your viewing pleasure, odds and ends I have been collecting.

Half-Past Kissin' Time


  1. A little late but HAPPY NEW YEAR!

    MWM was traumatised at the beginning of the week when our Whirlpool dishwasher broke! Thankfully we have appliance insurance and the engineer came the following day and fixed it. MWM is happy again now.

    That near miss must have almost give you a heart attack!!

  2. I love the mom, mom, he's touching me one! Boy does that ever sound familiar!!!!

  3. I agree I would find another repair service. Unicorns and gummy bears are calling - later.

  4. I'm thinking you were "taken" by the repair man and I wouldn't use him again either. What a shame!

    Oh, 18 wheelers are so scary and accidents can happen in the blink of an eye.

    BTW, we are building a new home, not remodeling. Don't think I could live through a major remodel. :o))

  5. I'd still be shaking! That sounds way too close for comfort! So glad all ended well.

  6. That's terrifying when that happens! I'm glad there wasn't a collision.

    I wouldn't get that guy again, and I'd write a review online, as well!

    Sweet hippos....

    Thanks for linking up, BC! Have a great weekend!

  7. Well, thank goodness no harm came to you and Mr BC. It must have been very scary. As for washing machines, I dare not vent my feelings about mine - or rather the manufacturers. Happy New Year, by the way.