Thursday, January 29, 2015

Throwback Thursday

I wanted to scan some stuff into my computer but....the scanner was not working.  So of course I had to figure it out as it is a fairly new scanner, printer, fax and I already am having problems with the doesn't. I think I need a filter on the phone line.  Any way I downloaded Fixit software from HP and low and behold it scans. To test it I pulled some pictures of my folks and Mr BC's mom from the bulletin board, so I am posting a Throwback Friday.   

The picture of my folks was taken sometime after our wedding, in 1967 as mom is wearing the dress she wore to our wedding. The picture of Mr BC's mom was taken at her Saturday Night Hootenanny at the ATA, maybe a decade or so ago, before she had her heart problems.


  1. Nice-looking parents and mother in law. To turn back time, it goes so quickly.

  2. Lovely photos...Thank you for sharing
    Phoebe x

  3. A hootenanny!?!?!? That's so cute. What nice pictures and fun to look at too.
    I'm glad you got the scanner working again. Tech problems are pretty frustrating, especially when it worked one minute, and then not the next.

  4. I had similar problems with a new printer/scanner and was ever so proud when I conquered it. It took a while to get my head round it but I got there in the end. Your mother is a good looking lady.