Friday, March 20, 2015

Busy Weekend-Friday Fragments

Half-Past Kissin' Time
Joining Mrs 4444 for Friday Fragments

I haven't done Friday Fragments for a few weeks, mainly because I have not been doing too much to post about.  Winter has kept us indoors so much more than usual.  Today is the first day of Spring and we are starting to have a little hope of Spring in the weather forecast.  

We celebrated a birthday today at our daily walk in the mall.  After walking we usually spend an hour or so in the food court drinking coffee and chatting.  I have met a lovely lady, who walks everyday and visits with us, unless, she is delivering meals on wheels to seniors that day.  She turned 91 today and we celebrated with Maggie's (of Maggie and Jiggs) homemade cinnamon rolls. Ninety-one and she walks 6 days a week then delivers meals to other seniors, This lady is amazing and I want to be just like her when I grow up.

On Saturday we are going to the monthly meeting of The Greater Ozark British Motoring Club.  We haven't gone this winter because the weather has been bad on the meeting dates. I have to remember to bring the check book to pay the dues for this year.  They meet at a garage for an early morning technical meeting at 9:30 and we usually meet up with them at lunch at Logan's Roadhouse.  Mr BC wants to go to all the meeting and since Springfield MO is about an hour away,  I am going to have him drop me off at Battlefield Mall early....for a little walking and shopping and then he can pick me up for lunch. Going out for lunch, it has been so long.

Had a nice visit with DD2 on Wednesday.  I usually see her when she comes here to dry her clothes every other Wednesday....she has a washer but no dryer.  She was here most of the afternoon finishing up her laundry and I also drove her to pick up her car which was in the shop.  Just a nice visit!



  1. 91 and delivering meals wheels. I hope I grow up like that too. I can't blame you for going to the mall. Even a book gets boring in meetings like that. They got so much to discuss you know.
    I take my brother to car shows and it still cracks me up that they have the hood up with chrome engine parts brightly shined. Everybody has toys. I can't say anything. All my toys like to eat all the time and be walked.

  2. 91 and still active... how marvellous. And to still be active enough to deliver meals to others is simply amazing.

  3. Kyle came home last week to switch cars and do some laundry. Even though his visit was short, it was wonderful.

    I love how the mall provides a base for your social life--perfect :)

    Thanks for linking up! Have a great weekend!

  4. Yea for the 91-yr-old who is still serving others and walking 6 days a week. This gives me hope, what an inspiration!

  5. My husband's grandmother was like that. She lived to 103 and didn't stop until that last year. She always said that if you sit down, you'll get rusty. :)