Friday, June 17, 2016

''Fragments" and Friday Five

This has been a sad week for Orlando, the LBGT Community, and all Americans.

Friday 5 for June 17: A Week of Good Behavior

1. What’s the dumbest thing you did this week? I almost posted something to someones FaceBook post, that I know I would have regretted...not for thinking, but because of all the grief I would have heard about, the post and it would not have changed their thought.  In this neck of the woods,Gun control, Trump, and religion are hot topics with some of Mr BC's friends It contained 2 of the 3 and it was a share, by someone who knows Mr BC.  A lot of folks friended me when Mr BC was sick, as I was giving updates, I have hidden some of them now, so I don't have to read their posts. I need to put them in a group. This person, I unfriended.

2. In what way did you save yourself time or energy this week? 
The week has been hot and humid, In the interest of energy savings; I did not go outside, unless it was absolutely necessary.

3. How were you wasteful of personal and natural resources this week?
Yes, I ran the air conditioner day and night, because of the humidity and Miss Gwennie's breathing. I set it higher to try and save some money at night.

4. When this week did you take advantage of the opportunity to keep your mouth shut?  
My 'new' lawn guy said he could not make it this week, as it was going to rain, this after he did not show up and did not call.  He 'understood' if I had to call someone else. He sounded as if he was I just said, ok I would call someone else. It has not rained all week.

5. In what way this week were you blessed or fortunate?  
Well, last week, I had a stress test and yesterday, I went to the Heart Cath lab, and I seem to be OK. I am a little sore today and will take it easy.  I wasn't going to walk the dogs anyway, unless it was cooler. Now that Mr BC is better, I thought I should check myself out and I am glad I did.


  1. I am very pleased your heart thingy proved you are okay. Oh and it seems you would be better off with a new gardener - a reliable one.

  2. Oh Katie, what a good thing to get checked out. And Facebook is like walking through a mine field sometimes, you don't know when a post will blow up in your face.

    Good thing to just mute them or kick em. Hugs!