Friday, June 10, 2016

Friday Fragments

One of the consequences of taking Gwennie to California.....when I promised the last time I wouldn't subject her to another road trip.... she got sick.  I have issues with finding a kennel here in MO, so we decided to try it again.  Gwennie hates the RV so much, that she was reluctant to get into it, by the end of the trip.  The last 300 miles we decided to push on home, as she was sitting in the back panting and I wanted to get the trip over with and get her home.  When we got her home she was still panting with a hoarsness involved. When she was still panting at 11pm, I decided to take her to the night emergency vet.

He said it could be something involving her trachea or heart problems.  He gave her a couple of injections and some prescriptions.  By about 1am, she was breathing easier, she improved over the weekend, and we took her to our vet on Monday. She has early heart failure and afib.  She has improve so much, but she will have to take medicine the rest of her life and she is on a strict diet. I am seeing her hips, so the diet is working. I hadn't posted about her as we needed to get together with my youngest and I didn't want to tell her over the phone. I makes me sad. But she is more road trips. 

Mr BC handled the trip well, with his dialysis.  It worked well in the RV and at DD1.  Both dogs enjoyed Sam's Doggy Dude Ranch, while we were in Santa Barbara.  Gwennie will be boarding with a vet from now on.  Bad news is that I am fighting fleas again.....this is promising to be a bad flea season I think.

It rained here the whole time we were gone and my yard is threatening to take over.  I guess Missouri was all forest when settlers first came.  My yard looks as if the jungle is taking over. Got to get busy.

Chatting with the Grandkids on Skype
This is so true, they will show up at all angles when they first come on the screen or want to tell me something.  This Gif made me laugh. I need to call them this weekend.

Gwennie acts like she feels well enough to walk, but we have to go out early while it is still cool(I've got to watch her exercise).  Today I was running late so Totes and I were trying to sneak out, I had slipped on my shoes and picked up Totes....silently, I thought, and out she came.  The other day she heard me snap on Tote's harness and I had to leave her behind, I guess today she heard me put my shoes on??? I went ahead and took her out as we had a breeze, walked them in the shade for a short time. I have to get her out by 9am.

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  1. Poor Gwennie. It breaks my heart to see animals suffer and we can only do our best to help them through the bad times.