Thursday, April 19, 2007

Thirteen Things about Mr Bankerchick

1…. He is a great photographer, he takes all of the pictures on my Blog.

2.... We like doing things together which is pretty good for almost 40 years together.

3.... He is absolutely NUTS about old British Cars. He has just restored a '54 MGTF

4,,,, He makes me laugh every day, even tho, sometimes he tells me some groaners!

5.... He is a great father! Just ask his 2 daughters.

6.... I don't get flowers and candy on Valentine's day, but he sends me something every year on April 29th which is the anniversary of the day we met.

7.... He is turning into a pretty good housekeeper, since he retired, better than me!

8.... He Snores, he won't admit it even when he wakes himself up!

9.... Nala the cat is proof that he likes cats. He tells her every night that he does not like cats, as she purrs contentedly in his lap.

10... He doesn't smoke and he doesn't drink.

11... He has a dirty mind and makes off-color me. I have perfected eye-rolling to an artform.

12... I am: glass is half-full, he is: glass is half-empty.

13... He is my best friend!

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