Thursday, April 05, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #3

Things I Wish I Had Done Last Week
  1. I wish I had done my taxes last weekend, so they would be completed, even if though I am going to wait until the due date to send them. I have to do them this weekend as we are going to Santa Barbara on tax weekend
  2. I should have made an appointment to have the cat groomed and if I call today they may be booked and it will be two weeks until I can get it done. (they were booked)
  3. I wished I had called Mr. Bankerchick in Missouri last Friday and Saturday instead of only on Sunday afternoon. He brought Grandma home from the hospital on Friday and I thought he would be busy, (and I was lazy) He was very upset that his mom was not minding him, and he needed someone to vent to, she was feeling better and thought she knew better than the DR. She is having some good days and some bad days and is grumpy and depressed a little. I am calling him every day sometimes twice.
  4. I wish I had taken the train more last week so that I could read my book. The Princes of Ireland: The Dublin Saga by Edward Rutherfurd. It is a long book and he writes rather like Mitchener. It is good and I would have more of it read if I had taken the train instead of driving.
  5. I should have fussed more when the tire store did not have my tire on the day they said they would and since I did not call or go last Saturday, I had to be there early Monday morning and they still didn't have it. I was pissed, but I didn't tell them how unhappy I was. I need to be more assertive but tires are a guy thing and I was out of my element. This was the 4th time they screwed up on 4 tires. No more tires from them. Next time I'll let someone else piss me off.
  6. I wish I had stayed out of the shoe store. Too many cute sandels and I won't be wearing them because of my broken ankle.
  7. I should have spent more time doing some good writing on my blog, instead of taking the easy way out lately and posting pictures.
  8. I should have gone to the training meeting Monday, since I got volunteered to work on a project, because I do such good powerpoints.
  9. I should have gone to Costco to pick up some more raspberries, they have such a short season it will probably be over when I go this weekend.
  10. I keep looking at the stack of storage boxes, that I told Mr Bankerchick that I would go thru and pick out the stuff that could go to Goodwill. He will be back next week an at this rate, the boxes will still be stacked in my Dining room, and we will have to rush them to storage if company comes.
  11. I wish I did not procrastinate so much, and had the energy to try the treadmill. I have been using my foot as an excuse too long. I could start out real slow.
  12. I wish I had remembered the last load in the dryer on Sunday night before this morning, when my black jeans were wrinkled.
  13. I should start my Thursday Thirteen earlier than 5:oo am ThursdayMorning. It is now 6:46 PM Get Get the Thursday Thirteen code here!

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