Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Homestead

A side yard view of the Homestead
  Mr Bankerchick is still in MO today but he leaves for California tomorrow
morning. The next trip will be the week of August 22 to take the MGTF
back along with a few boxes of things we plan to move back there.  We aquired this house when Mr BC's mom passed away in Feb. of 2010.  She left the property in trust for us. His sister and her husband were living with her when she passed as she was in poor health.

They moved back to their own home in December and it has been sitting empty all winter, except for Mr BC's quarterly visits to check on things and move auto's back.  It is completely furnished so we are not going to bring a lot of stuff back. We are leaving the appliances, getting rid of a king-sized bed (old) selling the dining room table.  Mainly taking our clothes, some kitchen stuff, bedroom furniture, office furniture and other things that are important to us after 40 something years of marriage.  Lots of things going to Salvation Army and many of our belongings are worn but still in good shape.

It is a small and cottage-like, with a rock facade.  His folks put in the garage addition at the back including a second bath and a utility room several years ago.  The downstairs has the one bedroom.  The upstairs is the size and footprint of the downstairs and completely open. So essentially it is 2 bedrooms, 2 bath.  We have many plans and upgrades for it when we finally sell here in CA.  It will be a great retirement project for us.

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  1. You'll show us the upgrades when they're completed? Hope the move goes well. x