Saturday, July 16, 2011

On the road again!

Well that is; Mr Bankerchick is on the Road.  He left Wednesday, for a fast trip to Missouri.  He is taking his '72 MGB to the homestead.  We have three of these trips to make to just to get his classic cars back there.  It will probably take 6 months to 'move' the Bankerchicks, also we eventually have to sell the California property to finalize this move.
This trip is to move the car and to get an estimate for fencing in the rest of the yard, for the puppies.  When, we actually get the fence in might be problematic for us as contractors are very busy with re-building of the city of Joplin. We shall see.
The next trip we will be moving the MGTF and some boxes of stuff and I get to go as I will be officially retired.  We are going to take the puppies and stay for a couple of weeks to, hopefully have the yard fenced!  I am glad to be going to be able to help Mr BC drive.  He has been making all of his trips to MO alone, and I am always worried about him driving alone.  He had a flat tire on the cargo trailor  this trip. But he arrived tired but fine, yesterday.


  1. You'll get there, eventually. ;)

  2. Wow, sounds like a lot of work, but the rewards will be great. My son just spent several weeks in MO working on rebuilding after the tornados. Well, not hands on, he's with one of the major insurance cos. He probably could have built your fence. lol.

    I can just picture you sitting in a tub with the foot scrubber on the wall. I don't have a tub...just a big shower.