Thursday, July 21, 2011

Inspired by Yellow

 Yellow is the Color of My True Love's Hair.  Yes Mr Bankerchick, is  was a brunette, however for the past 2 and 1/2 years there is another True Love.  It was love at first sight, even though it was not yellow at first sight. Лука looks so much like his dad through the eyes and by his mannerisms, that it is sometime hard to see DD1in him, but, because of his bright blond hair and blue eyes, you know he is his mother's child too.  Especially in profile, and with his smile and dimple I see DD1.

They have the same coloring, mouth, blue eyes and dimple on the left side of their face.

Since he was one year old and younger he was a towhead

Even in late afternoon with Grandpa Bankerchick he is blond

These were the waves before his haircut

And this is all the love you need in the world
This is the cheek where the dimple resides and his hair cut makes him look like a big boy

1.) The simple things…

2.) Write an entry inspired by the word: Yellow.
3.) A memorable sporting event.
4.) Sex education! How old were you when you learned about the birds and the bees? Who taught you? Describe that experience.
5.) This month the theme of Oprah’s magazine is intuition…write about a time your instincts were wrong.


  1. He's adorable! No wonder he's your true love! I hope you have lots of fun times with him.

  2. What a cutie!

    Both my boys were blond when they were toddlers but as they got older their hair darkened to brown.

  3. And what a cute little blondie he is. Love little blondies with dimples. He will be a lady killer for sure :)

  4. The Husband and I were both white-blondes as children and OUR children all came out as brunettes. Love your little sweet man. :) He is definitely a heartbreaker!

  5. what a cutie ... made me think of my little guys blonde curls. Now he's 9 ... sigh ...

    Visiting from Mama Kat's :)

  6. One of my grandson's is blonde, like me, all the others are dark. Even my granddaughter's hair isn't blonde though it is slightly lighter than her brothers.

  7. So cute! I want to squeeze those cheeks!

  8. I love his curls and dimple. My little guy just got a big boy haircut too. He makes him look so grown up.

  9. Awww! Great pics! Dimple AND curly blonde hair?! Too cute : )