Saturday, January 05, 2013

Brand New....Year-Saturday 9

Spending my brand new year in Santa Barbara and the weather has been beautiful.  We alway name our vehicles so the RV has been named Chateau Cosette, a nod to Les Mis.  Cosette performed beautifully on her first trip out with us.  It was below freezing many nights across Oklahoma and Texas, it warmed up in New Mexico. Thought I would do a Saturday 9, while the grandsons are busy playing nicely together in the play room.

1) It's a brand new year! Do you have any resolutions for 2013? 
I resolved to not make resolutions many years ago, so far it it the only one that worked.

2) Dusty Springfield sang of feeling "brand new." What leaves you feeling refreshed and/or rejuvenated?
A nap.

3) Dusty's given name was Mary Catherine. If you could give yourself a brand new first name, what would it be?
 Suzanne, it was a name my dad wanted to call me.

4) Actor Billy Bob Thornton has dismissed antiques, saying, "I'm creeped out by old stuff." Do you ever shop at estate sales, yard sales or second-hand stores? Or do you want everything brand new?
I want new technology but I do like old things from second hand shops that I can repurpose.

5) Are you sad to see the holiday decorations slowly disappear until next year? Or do you think they should come down on January 2?
If I  at home they would be down.

6) Do you like the picture on your photo ID?
Does anyone?  Bad lighting at the DMV.

7) Crazy Sam shudders at the very thought of a snake. Which is your least favorite member of the Animal Kingdom?I really love Koalas and Pandas.  Babies of any kind, except maybe snakes and bugs and skunks.

8) What's the most recent magazine you flipped through? Good Housekeeping.

9) Do you have nice handwriting? I use to have good hand writing when I was younger, as I have aged my handwriting has become messy.  I type everything I have to write. I guess they are not even teaching hand writing any more in schools.



  1. Glad you guys had a wonderful time with Cosette! I like your approach to second-hand stuff -- it's an environmentally friendly outlook. Happy new year!

  2. Seems like there were more Suzanne's when I was a kid than there are not. It's a pretty name.

    Have a great rest of your Saturday!

  3. Did you see Les Mis? I begrudingly went and enjoyed it thoroughly. It's my favorite musical and was worried Hollywood would ruin it, again. But it was outstanding.
    My handwriting has gotten worse too because I'm in too big of a hurry to write neatly. Typing is definitely faster.
    Glad you're enjoying SB!

  4. I agree with #9.. When I was in school I was voted class secretary and that includes writing in the blackboard and in my teacher's notepad but i hated it coz I have to rewrite everything I wrote in the board into my notebook! now I just write fast and never cared about how it looks like.

  5. What a relief, I thought it was only me that suffered a decline in my handwriting. I love browsing round antique or second-hand shops. Happy new Year.

  6. I love Koalas, they are so quite and cuddly.

  7. Your aversion to baby animals is unusually and interesting.

  8. My handwriting has declined since I retired, mainly because the only thing I write now is my shopping list!

  9. My handwriting has deteriorated since I retired mainly because the only thing I write now is my shopping list. LOL

  10. Santa Barbara is gorgeous; the whole Central and Northern Coast is my favorite place on Earth, from the point all the way to the Oregon border. That's where I've wanted to live my whole adult life.