Friday, January 25, 2013

Friday Fill-Ins
1. Wow, this Hub Bub about Beyonce should so be over.
2.  I am pretty good with Jane Austen trivia.
3. Finally, I'm all caught up with my laundry!
4. If I never hear about that gullible football player again it would be all right with me.
5. Sweet or savory: I love them both, especially eaten together.
The pains in my left shoulder are new.
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to folding sheets,
    tomorrow my plans include Seeing Les Miserables and Sunday, I want to
    take the dogs for a walk if the weather is nice!

I am so turning into a curmugeon, thanks to Mr Bankerchick, he talks back to the television and I am starting to talk back to it as well, lately it has been about the trivial things that the NEWS people think is news.  I am so over #1 and #4.

The weather here is so peculiar, yesterday it was bitterly cold, I could hardly make myself go outside to pay the water bill on time (due to vacation), I was willing to pay the penalty, anyway there is a saying that "if you don't like the weather in Missouri, wait 5 minutes". So true, today the temp will rise to 57* and this weekend it will be almost in the 70's, only to fall again into the sub temperatures next week. So far no significant snow this year too. I actually want it to snow so that Gwennie can romp in the snow like these corgi's.


  1. It is so stupid the flap over Beyonce. Hey folk she is outside in 20 deg weather at a podium, what else did you expect? A band with back-up singers?
    I want to see Les Miserables once the crowds gets a little thinner.

  2. I absolutely loved Les Mis! It lived up to the hype as far as I am concerned. Hope you enjoy it.

  3. i am so with you over the #1 and 4!! seriously?! they are still talking about this on national news?....thanks for stopping by my blog- thought i would visit too. i thought the cold this week has been terrible! and i thought the weather change in 5 minutes was a MN thing:) glad to hear that happens elsewhere too! thanks for the nice comment!

  4. I like the fill-ins better than straight questions. I found my mind working through them even as I read your fill-ins.

    We talk to the television as well ... heehee say no more!

  5. I thought everyone talked back to the TV? ;)

  6. Friday fill-ins are so much fun! Thanks for the visit. I missed all the hype on Beyonce and the other guy..We don't watch TV. We just have Netflix. It's hard to not talk back to a TV. They beg you to do it! Too much stress to watch TV.