Wednesday, January 23, 2013

What I Did On My Christmas Vacation

It is wonderful being home.....we had a great Christmas with the grandsons.... they had grown so much and are so smart and so loving.  I wish I were a younger grandma as I get tired just trying to keep up with them.  Especially the youngest.  Caшa is always on the move, Mr BC refers to him as Bam Bam as he pounds on everything and laughs when you pound along with him.  Лука is fine- tuning his skills.  He love riding his coaster bike at the park, especially if he can ride through a puddle.

We had hoped to make some stops in Tombstone and The Commemorative Air Force (formerly the Confederate Air Force), in Midland, TX, to visit the on our way back, but illness prevented us. Instead we did spend those 4 days in a KOA in Weatherton, TX. We are now at home, I am recovered and Mr BC is on the road (so to speak) to recovery.

It is cold here and I have piles of laundry because we have a leak in a pipe that now has a bucket under it.  DD2 thoughtfully threw, down some towels to try to mop up the half inch of water standing in the laundry room. but it was a lost cause.  The drip won and I was mopping water into the night my first night home! Vacation was nice but the aftermath not so great.  I just have to think back to this little face to make me smile again.


  1. Thats a great photo of the little pirate.

  2. Oh, so sorry about the leak - the last thing you want to come home to. But your trip sounds great visiting the grand kiddos. They are both adorable!

  3. Oh I know how you feel about the leak, we've had a leaking roof for months and only now has someone found the cure - hopefully. The leak was in a difficult place, under the corner channels. Love the photograph of your grandchildren, especially the little pirate. I can imagine him saying 'Aaaah me hearties'.

  4. Leaks are infuriating!

    Love the photos of your grands, they're beautiful!