Thursday, January 31, 2013

Growth-Mama Kat Writer's Workshop

L to R DD2, Mr BC, BC, DD1
I chose Prompt #2 Five random facts about you and your family. (inspired by Nice Girl Notes) for my Mama Kat's posting today.  Also this is the first picture I have scanned on my new scanner....
Hooray Me!
  •   Mr. BC played football when he was in High School.  He had surgery on his knee and now his knees are shot, he will start knee replacement this spring.  Information is out now about the terrible life time brain injuries American pro footballers sustain. He grew somewhere along the way and Grandsons will be encouraged toward other sports, thank you very much.

  •  DD2 has a lovely voice.  She sang in high school in Show Choir.  She would have loved to pursue theater; she actually has a theater degree as well as a degree in psychology.   She grew somewhere along the way and realized it might be easier to go a different direction. But I still love to hear her sing.
  •     DD1 emphatically did not care for babies when she was a kid, she didn’t babysit and was not interested in her baby cousins until they were older and would interact with her as peers.   She said she was NOT going to have kids.  She grew somewhere along the way and has become a fantastic mother to our two grandsons.
  • When I was pregnant with DD1, I developed Toxemia; Mr. BC was told by the doctors that maybe they could save the baby.  Obviously, they were able to save both of us.  I was not anxious to get pregnant again…..ever, even though I was assured that it would probably not happen with another pregnancy, I was determined that DD1 would be an only child. I grew somewhere along the way and DD2 was born 4 years later.  I developed a pregnancy heart murmur with her and I decided two girls, was plenty.  I still think that actually being pregnant is not the earth mother dream that others profess.
  • I can’t leave out my fur babies, for they are part of the family too.  Totem is probably the perfect dog.  I can’t think of anything he needs to grow out of, he is small, tidy, loves to travel and loving.  Oh yeah, he is a finicky eater…a little flaw.  Gwennie is a little different….she is slightly overweight, because she is not a finicky eater. Like all Corgis, she has not met a meal that she won’t eat.  She’s a little neurotic; she jumps and twitches if any one drops something near her as if you were throwing rocks or knives directly at her. And she definitely does not like to travel; we like to take the dogs to parks or cemeteries for walks as we don’t have good sidewalks here in tiny town. Since it involves getting in the truck, she hides under the bed when you get the leashes; she hid out in the bathroom of the RV when we took her to California.  She is 5 years old and she has never grown out of it.  I love her as much as I do the perfect dog because other than the quirks, she is truly a lovable little corgi, stubborn but lovable.


  1. I cannot sing a note like your daughter, (how lucky is anyone that can carry a tune) but I do understand the knee problems. I had one that complains a lot now days. Sounds like you have much love and fun with your crowd.

    And the whole toxemia thing. V scary especially after watching last Sunday's Downton Abbey.

  2. I enjoyed reading facts about your family. Sounds like you have a wonderful little, but growing family. It's amazing how two dogs can be on such opposite scales from one another in their personalities.

  3. Your family sounds lovely. I became toxemic with my firstborn and had her 7 weeks early. Next week she will be 22 and she is perfect. Amazing how it all works out in the end.

  4. So nice to read about your family, such good looking members, too. The photograph is fabulous.