Friday, February 01, 2013

Friday Fill-ins

1. Sniff, sniff...what is that smell? Oh, brussel sprouts.
2. I am not much of a sports fan, so I won't be watching the Super Bowl.
3. What in the world was she thinking?

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4.  I like peace and quiet. I don't like crowds any more.
5. One of my dreams is to take Mr BC to London.
6.  Problems, I have so few. I am truly blessed!
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to start watching House of Cards, being cozy and eating soup, tomorrow my plans include trying to go see Les Miserables, we did not make it last weekend and Sunday, I want to shop for birthdays, online! 

Лука on Feb 3rd, Caшa and DD1 on Feb 4th, what a birthday present he was for his mommy. She won't celebrate her own for a few years.  I was born the day after my Mother's birthday and she use to joke that she never celebrated her own birthday until I was grown.  They are having a pre-birthday skiing week and Лука is learning to ski. When he was asked what he wanted to do in class today he said "Ski fast".


  1. At least number three didn't have to call for reinforcements!
    I hope if you make that trip to London you will call and say hello. Its only an extra 60 miles.

  2. Our answers for #2 are opposite--I'm not a sports fan but I will watch the super bowl. ;-)

  3. I don't know which is worst, the smell of Brussels Sprouts or the photo.

  4. Your grandson will be an adept skier; he's made such a good start. I too hope you make it to London.

    THAT picture doesn't leave much to the imagination, does it?