Thursday, February 14, 2013

Not for Starry Eyed Lovers

Then there is THIS!

-Valentine's day is not my favorite holiday.  It seems more like a gratuitous 'spend more money' holiday, than any of other days of remembrance out there. If it is for lovers, then why are there cards for your gardener and your hair dresser? I could never understand why I might want to send a special greeting to my coworkers.  Maybe I am a grump but you can keep your paper heart and lace. Mr BC know that I love him and I know he loves me. He does special things for me all year long as I do for him.  After 48 years, advertisers, you don't need to make up new ways to commemorate true love for me.

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 Now if you want to get some candy for me, tomorrow would be a better day!
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  1. Same way here! My Hubs and I agree do not spend three times as much for some flowers because of what day it is.

    Oh yeah bring on the clearance candy!!

  2. Love it! Sarcasm is my medium as well. I'm just happy my Hubs actually said Happy Valentine's to me this am as I packed 45 cake pop valentines, teacher valentine gifts, valentine treats, and valentine cards into the twins little hands. I can't believe he was able to remember this year!! (tear and a smirk)

  3. Marriage means that every day is Valentine's Day, as far as I am concerned. Chocolate tastes great every day.

  4. I agree that Valentines Day doesn't have the same meaning it did in days gone by. I remember seeing cards for 'the boss'.... I ask you!

  5. Let's face it. All holiday 'days' are designed to get us to spend our money but that advert for the funeral care is awful! Ouch!!

  6. You know I'm with you on this one! I have never understood people's need to send Valentine cards to anyone but their sweetheart - what's the point?