Monday, February 04, 2013

The Enchantment-Trifecta Writing Challenge

photo credit: Claudio.Ar via photopin cc
The fire is fading. Light still flickered around him softening the ancient features of a face recently twisted in anger, the softness, only illusion.
His words still echo, “Ariadne, you will! It is your duty!”  
She answered softly, “I don’t love him.”

“That is of no consequence,” he thundered!

“Yes, Grandfather,” whispering as she retreated into the shadows.

Ariadne did not choose this path; it was a consequence of life, thrust upon her by her birth and sex.
Entering her chamber, she walked to the corner cabinet withdrawing a small chest belonging to her mother. These things should have come to Ariadne by inheritance; however, she took them by stealth. Grandfather had her mother’s chambers sealed after her parent’s mysterious deaths. Ariadne had carefully forced the seal; removed the chest and replaced the seal. The door would not survive close inspection, but the servants, and her grandfather never go to that part of the castle, out of some unknown fear. A fear that Ariadne thought she now understood.
Over the months, she studied the contents of the chest. Ariadne discovered that her mother came from a family of powerful enchantresses. She wondered at the meaning this could have to her troubled life. Since her appeals to Grandfather fell on deaf ears she must now try something different. She selected the small volume inside. Opening it she read the instructions written in her mother’s delicate hand.
Muddy water makes a potion
With which I cause stop to
Beauty’s motion. The One
Who looks upon this soul.
See always ugliness and
Lost devotion!

“Count Jovan, my granddaughter."
“My Lord,” she curtseyed deeply, then lifted her head. “I am honored by your proposal.”

Count Jovan gasped, backing away in horror. “Excellency, we must speak in private!”
Later, the court murmured at Jovan's declining the hand of the Lady Ariadne. Grandfather blind with anger, thought the Count, quite mad, "
Ariadne is many things, but not ugly." He must look elsewhere to make an advantageous match for himself, with the girl.
Ariadne accepted the bowl of warm, perfumed water from her attendant. Carefully dabbing the potion from her face, she the magical words. Smiling at her face in the mirror, she is assured of a new pathway. She whispered, “Thank you Mother.”

This week's word is:PATH
1: a trodden way
2: a track specially constructed for a particular use
3a : course, route
b : a way of life, conduct, or thought

photo credit: Claudio.Ar via photopin cc


  1. Very good! Very smart girl!

  2. Incredibly cute fairytale. You did a fabulous job with it. I need to get me one of them book of spells ;)

  3. awesome! with or without magic, i love the heroine's defiant spirit. well done ^^

  4. Heh. Nice to see her take control; I'm guessing grandfather's not going to have things quite so easy from now on.

  5. Well! It sure is nice when women get to actually choose their path, isn't it?

    Great job setting this scene!

  6. I wonder what else hides in that little book!

  7. Smart girl, Ariadne. I love a woman who can take care of herself. Nice work.

  8. Fun little story! I like that she takes the initiative and doesn't rely on a handsome prince or fairy-godmother-ex-machina to come save her.

  9. yet another reason to read a good book every now & again...

  10. Tricksy princess (: I love it!

  11. I like the spell and potion trick - very clever of her (got her grandfather's ire redirected!) Like others commented, I'm also glad she's choosing her own path.

  12. Terrific twist on fairy tale - playing the chauvanist against himself to become free. Nice.

  13. Ha!ha!I liked it-she knew how to outsmart her obstinate Grandfather!I hope she will use her magic skills to concoct a potion that will change her Grandfather's views-I see a great future ahead for her:-)

  14. I love fairytales. Look forward to reading more of your work.