Thursday, August 21, 2014

Chatting About Travel

1.  What are you most looking forward in the remaining months of 2014? Visiting California in September to see the boys, some fall travel in the RV, then the Holidays which will take us back to California. I also am looking forward to Fall TV, there are a couple of new shows that look interesting. 

2.  Tell us about the last movie you saw, or book you read.
We watched Divergence recently, it was ok, but, I think I like the Hunger Games better. I am reading the next book in the Outlander series. 

3.  Do you ever make smoothies or juice? I prefer smoothies to juice, but since I can only find my immersion blender since the move, I don't make them as often. There is a place in Santa Barbara called Blenders in the Grass, I love that name. They make great reasonably priced, smoothies in a variety of flavors. I usually go when the boys are at the park or taking a nap to get one for lunch, they are so good and fresh.

4.  Who do you wish you could talk to right now? 
My mom, I miss her so much. Recently I have had some questions about her side of the family and I have no one to get the answers from.  They are mostly gone now. 

5.  Please finish this sentence. "If I could spend a week in a lovely cabin in the mountains I would like to be able to go to the Rockies and spend some time camping in the cool weather.  It has been very hot this last week."


  1. I hear you about missing talking to a loved one who has passed. I feel that way about my dad a lot.
    You'll enjoy your time in SB where the weather will be so nice and mild. Although, It seems like once September comes everywhere (but SoCal) begins to cool off for fall. I hope we even get a fall (or winter) this year.

  2. You've a lot to look forward to and that's grand.

    I'm fortunate being the oldest in the wider family because I can rely on younger members to give me information. Then again, I'm useful to them for the knowledge I have.

  3. I hope you'll have a good time while traveling.

  4. Camping in cool weather sounds wonderful...after sweltering summers, I always crave getting away and being in the mountain air. When I do have that chance, it is so hard to leave it to know that heat awaits me at home.
    How exciting to have travel plans. Traveling in an RV seems like so much fun. I dream of that someday.

    I enjoyed reading your post :) Wishing you a wonderful time on your trips! And a lovely week ahead.