Saturday, August 09, 2014

Proud of Who they Became-Sat9

If you're not familiar with today's song, you can hear it here.
Joss Stone has a wonderful bluesy sound that I really like and a great name.

1) The lyrics say, "I'm as proud as a girl can be." Tell us about something of which you are proud. 
I am proud of the women my girls have become. I am also proud of the grandsons, they are sweet loving boys. 

2) This song is from her first CD, The Soul Sessions. She's told interviewers that the first CD she ever owned was by Aretha Franklin: Greatest Hits. So while we're talking firsts, do you remember your first CD (or tape or record)? 

I got some 33 1/3 records of classical music when I got my first good record player way back in the 50's. Mom and Dad got them as premiums from the grocery store every week.  Dad said he didn't want me to play rock and roll junk.  I think I got my interest in classical music from those records, but I still bought rock and roll once I had some money.

3) Last year, two men were convicted of plotting to kill Joss Stone. Even though she had (fortunately!) never even met the men, she still had to testify during their trial. Have you ever had to speak to a judge? 

Yes, when I did jury duty, he asked me some questions and the lawyers passed me. I have never had to appear before a judge otherwise.

4) Joss is frequently in the British press because of her friendship with Princes William and Harry. Who among your friends leads the most exciting life? If I consider DD1 my friend, which I do, she has been able to travel a lot with her husband.  This Sept they are going to Majorca. Most of our friends now are pretty sedate, although, my high school friend, Lauretta, takes off on trips in her RV when ever the spirit hits her. 

5) Because of dyslexia, Joss had trouble in school and dropped out when she was 16. What's the last grade you completed?  
High School and 3 years of college.  

6) She provided the voice of the villainness for the James Bond video game, Blood Stone. Do you have a Playstation or Xbox? 


7) Sam is especially crazy this morning because she can't find her phone. What's the last thing you misplaced? 
Probably my cell phone and many other thing I can't remember!  Things disappear on my cluttered dining room table.

8) After composing this Saturday 9, Sam is off to Lowe's to pick up some heavy duty indoor/outdoor trash bags. Will you be in any stores this weekend?  
No money this weekend after my very expensive dental work was completed, but I can chew on my right side again.  I do need to go to Lowes as well I need some front door mats.

9) Do you consider yourself more book smart, or street smart? 
I am more book smart,  It might be hard to scam me still..... but, I
definitely could not handle myself in a fight and I can't run very fast. So I am smart enough to stay out of trouble's way. 


  1. I love the little extras with your answers. Wouldn't it be nice if you did lose a pound every time you lost something ... I'd be intentionally dropped stuff everywhere I went.

  2. I know all about expensive dental work. I would never want ugly teeth though.

  3. I envy your friend that can take off in an RV whenever she wants. That's my dream. My husband never puts things away so our garage is a disaster. The kids and I call it the black hole because if something goes in it never comes out.

  4. I think you and I were questioned by the same judge for jury duty. He looks VERY familiar!

  5. I like your answer about book and street smarts.