Friday, August 01, 2014

Friday Fragments-McDonalds of My Youth

Half-Past Kissin' Time

The original McDonald's mascot (Photo: Melanie Dunea)
There is still an old style, (the one I remember), McDonalds in Downey, CA.
Do you remember the original mascot, a chef named Speedy?  Ronald McDonald wasn't introduced until the 1960's.
The original McDonald's mascot (Photo: Melanie Dunea)
I played with this for about 10 minutes:

Gentle Brain is an interactive web toy where you can play around with your brain. If you drop it, and you will, that’s okay, because there’s another one where that one came from, and it’s just as good. (via the Presurfer to give it a try

This week the weather has been cool again.  It has been a strange July. One week temps in the high 90's and the next week in the 70's.  It has been good dog walking weather for Gwennie and her double coat and of course Totem and Caspar.  When it is hot I try to get out as early as I can. Except for the one rainy day, we have been able to walk in the cemetary, and the local park later in the day. Weather is due to change again next week and be hot.

This was pinned at Pintrest, although I found it on another poster,  I have got to buy some  rubbing alcohol today, and give it a try.  Mr BC is always wanting an ice pack for his aches and pains and prefers the soft ones that are pliable.   I use them on my ankle as well when I have walked too far.  I already have a purchased one that I put in a ziploc when it started leaking. Ziploc bags are the best!


  1. Interesting about McDonald's. I didn't know that. I guess I didn't realize they'd been around that long either. What a great idea about the freezer packs! I am going to have to right that one down. That brain game is funny! It reminds me of those squishy rubber ball things that you can squish and they pop out of your hands.

  2. remember the mascot but not the name of the mascot. I also remember when the total number hamburgers sold was displayed in the single digit millions. We have been enjoy a cool comfortable summer. Now I fear the upcoming winter. Last winter was awful.

  3. Oh, yes definitely remember the older McD's.

    As to the Cervical Epidural injections - my Neurologist ordered them for me and I had them done at a pain clinic under conscious sedation. They were certainly successful for me.

    Blessings for a wonderful weekend! We are enjoying really cool weather right now too.

  4. I had NO idea McDonald's had a Speedy. Wow!
    The Ziploc and alcohol thing really does work. I have been using it a lot for a series of jaw surgeries.
    Our weather has been a bit extreme too. 90's and then 70's.
    Too much rain but I guess the plants and rivers and plants need it.

  5. I'd like to hear more about the brain game. Mine is tired lately, it needs some fun. I didn't know that about McDonalds... it seems as if it's been around forever.

  6. We have an old-school McDonald's near us and the kids are perplexed by the chef -- haha!
    I love the hippo sexy face.

  7. That brain game is a trip! Great tip on the ice pack - I have to remember that.