Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Wendell's Magic Wand Chat

1.  Do you ever watch old TV shows or movies from your childhood or youth? When we first got Netflix, I watched all of the Star Trek Franchise. It took almost 2 years.

2.  Have you ever adopted a rescued animal? Oh yes, most recently, we adopted Caspar a minature dashound, he is adorable and now we have 3 dogs, Totem is a rescue and Gwennie our corgi, is from a breeder. The are all between 6-7 years old.

3.  Are you good at keeping track of paperwork and records? Sort of, I have a file cabinet and a fire proof box.  It works well if I remember to file things back.

4.  What would you like the Magic Wendell Fairy to poof with his wand, and turn into a treat for you? Any snack or sweet you would like. It doesn't have tpo do with carrots, or HE'D eat it!  I have been looking all over for peach ice cream. Since there has been a recall on some peaches, I might not find it this year. i'll get him a carrot cake.

5.  Tell me something interesting-please.
I made a peach pie and I am eating with vanilla ice cream.  It will have to do if Wendell can't come through.


  1. The peach pie with vanilla ice cream would be delicious!

  2. Yes, I agree, the pie and ice cream sound wonderful. You made a peach pie! Making your own peach ice cream wouldn't be too difficult! :)
    Oh Netflix is dangerous!!!

  3. thank you for stopping by that peach pie looks yummylicious!!! and no better way to eat it with ice cream on the top. were almost neighbors so HOWDY neighbor.

  4. We once had homemade peach ice cream. It was delicious. Peach pie is one om husband's favourites.

  5. I'm a cat lover, so cat adoption is right up my alley. I'd also like your peach pie recipe. Please and thank you.

  6. homemade peach ice cream is Mom's favorite and we make it every summer. your peach pie sounds really delish...could go for some of that right now.

  7. quite a project to watch all those Star Trek episodes! I would love it though - that was a great show.