Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Is That Pizza I Smell? Chat #147

1.  Do you like cucumbers? Is there a favorite way for you to prepare them?  I don't like them but Mr BC is very fond of the larger English cucumber.  I slice them in medium thin slices w/o peeling them and cover them in a jar with fat free Italian dressing with a splash more of garlic vinegar and shake.  They pickle for a while and don't last long around here.

2.  How good a housekeeper are you? So so. 

3.  Please finish this: To spend a day at a spa with a pedicure and massage and aroma therapy would be amazing!

4.  How do you handle times when you are "down" or "blue"( depressed )? I am rarely down, Though I think sometimes I worry unnecessarily and have to tell myself to snap out of it, 

5.  Have you started using essential oils, since they have become so popular?  I am a fan of WD40, is that essential enough?


  1. Hey there!
    I've been away and had company for the last few weeks, so this is the first I've been able to participate in the Chats...

    The way you prepare cucumbers sounds SO SO good. When ours start producing I am going to give that a try. I copied down your instructions!

    I also noticed over at Romi's that you were wondering about what essential oils would be good for depression. I did a quick google and came up with this link for you. I'm bookmarking it for myself also.

    Have a great remainder of the week!

  2. Your response about essential oils made me laugh. I am not even sure what they are, myself.

  3. It seems like I need to rest! Everyone's #3 has put me into a dream state!
    Your pictures make me laugh! Thank you!

  4. WD40 LOL, you really crack me up. Now that's what I call essential too ;)

  5. I love your response to the last question... I'm still giggling... and yes, I'm a fan of WD40!