Sunday, August 03, 2014

Fun Fifteen-Sunday Stealing

Welcome back to Sunday Stealing which originated on WTIT: The Blog authored by Bud Weiser. Here we will steal all types of memes from every corner of the blogosphere

1. You have been awarded the time off from work and an all-expenses paid week anywhere in the United States. The catch is that it must be somewhere you have not been before. Where do you choose to visit? Since we plan to go to New England one day.....I would have to say Alaska....maybe on a cruise.

2. Name your guilty pleasures. Going to Ross when I drop the dogs off for grooming once a month, then I go across to TJMaxx, also Pedicures and Iced Coffee, Naps.

3. The best kind of milkshake is:  Probably something with berries in it.

4. What do you value most in other people? 
Fun loving, not fettered by stupid politics, and who values other people.

5. Be honest. Do you sneak some raw cookie dough when you’re baking cookies?  Oh yes even if it has raw eggs in it.  I even lick cake batter off the beaters.

6. Have you ever looked back at your life and realized that something you thought was a bad thing was actually a blessing in disguise? I can't think of anything right now....most of the time bad things are just bad.

7. What is the most beautiful place you have ever visited? I think maybe Japan, such green and lush gardens.

 8. Are you more of a thinker or a feeler?  I think I am more of a feeler, I have a great deal of empathy.


9. Name three things you are thankful for right now. That I see the grandsons next month, and DD2 is happy and content and I get to take a nap today.

10. Have you ever participated in a three-legged race?  I don't think so but I have jumped in burlap bags.

11. When you are at an event that plays the National Anthem, do you place your hand over your heart? Yes, and I usually sing as long as others can drown me out.  

12. Have you ever been on the wrong side of the law? I have had a traffic ticket once.

13. When was the last time you unintentionally surprised someone else? I think when I did not object to Mr BC finishing the restoration of the Triumph.

14. When was the last time you deliberately surprised someone else? We had a surprise birthday party for my dad several years ago and we really got him.  He suspected nothing.

15. What was the last really funny movie you watched? I watched Beetlejuice not long ago.  It still makes me laugh.


  1. An Alaskan cruise sounds fantastic!

  2. I've never heard a bad thing from anyone I know who went on one of those Alaskan cruises.

  3. Beetlejuice was my son's favorite movie for quite a while when he was a little boy and we watched it over and over.....and over. I haven't seen it in quite a while, but suspect I could still speak the dialog right along with it word for word.

  4. Oh, I didn't even consider manicures & pedicures a guilty pleasure. ;-) I'd love to go on an Alaskan cruise.

  5. Pedicures and ice coffees (or blendeds) are a guilty pleasure for me too!!! And yes on the cookie dough/batter. I often get the "raw egg" lecture from others, but I can't help. :) Actually most of your answers are the same as mine would be.

  6. I like organising surprise birthday parties. I planned one for hubby - a trip to Amsterdam - and he didn't know until I drove into the airport. Even then I didn't tell all. It was great fun.