Friday, October 28, 2016

Friendly Fill-Ins and My Friday Fragments
I am trying to post a little more often, and since some of my blog friends post here, I thought I would add Fridays back to my posting, with Friendly Fill-Ins. *I'm not sure what is going on with this post, it won't correct the font sizing.

Week 25: October 28, 2016

1. The first thing I check when I go online is:  The news on the Yahoo home page.  I use to go to Yahoo games and play several word games, I liked, but the game page has been discontinued.  Or, if I have a post on my blog the previous day, I will go and check the comments.  Then I check my e-mail.

2. My signature dish is:  Chicken enchiladas and guacamole.  Mr BC and I first lived here, in Hooterville, in 1968, when he was going to college. Every time I went to CA to see my folks I always filled the suitcase with the ingredients for tacos and enchiladas as I could not find them here.  Tortillas were actually sold in a can???  This time around the ingredients can be found in grocery stores. But, I still haven't found a Mexican restaurant that I can recommend.

3. My Halloween night is usually: Very quiet,  we never have trick or treaters, even though the first year, I decorated and I leave a light on.  We live in town, but we are the only house on our block with a field across the street, so kids north of us stay in their development and other kids don't make it to our house.

 4. Trick or treaters:  May not come, since, I don't decorate any more and it is kind of dark on our block..  I always have a bag of candy, just in case.  I notice they concentrate on Main Street because of the better lighting. There are also several alternative Trick or Treating in the area, which is think is safer.

I still like to do Friday Fragments, even though the host discontinued it several months ago.  Some Fridays, I forget, but, I thought I would tack it on here today. Click on the Friendly Fill button above to join in the fill in fun.
I recently found a bag of Chocolate Covered Cherry coffee at Big Lots, brought it home and it was great...I went back to get some more a few days later, and they were sold out, I did try the blueberry cobbler and it was just OK. Big Lots is just like Ross or TJ Max, if you see something you like get it NOW or it will be gone if you go back.

I am currently hooked on an Australian series  Offspring, on Netflix.  I would watch it straight through if Mr BC would let's sort of a chick fiick.  I watch it, while he is taking his nap in his chair and can usually get through 2 before he wakes up.  There are 6 seasons all together.

                                             This kid is Awesome


  1. now i have a craving for chicken enchiladas and guacamole!!!

  2. Chicken enchiladas and guacamole sounds really good. Feel like sharing the recipe?

  3. I'm a native Southern Californian, so I know good Mexican food and we don't have any good Mexican restaurants here either. I bet you'd enchiladas are delicious!

    I'm well acquainted with the "just one more page" lie!

  4. Living in West Texas, enchiladas and guacamole are common fare here, and delicious! Do you play Words with Friends (same as Scrabble) on your phone or Facebook? I enjoy that and Yahtzee. I miss trick-or-treaters too. I don't even buy candy, because we would be "forced" to eat it all! :-) I love that little baby in your bottom video clip, and the "lies I tell myself"... me too!

  5. Welcome to the fill-ins, thank you for participating, I enjoyed your answers. We never get trick or treaters either. I bet your chicken enchiladas and guacamole are great. I saw your note about the coffee at Big Lots.I am kicking myself for not buying my great niece a MInnie Mouse bowling set at TJMaxx 2 weeks ago, now I have checked 2 stores and they don't have them :(
    Have a nice weekend!

  6. We don't usually get a lot of trick-or-treaters either. The enchiladas and guacamole sound good.

  7. Love the video clip... I stayed to watch it a few more times. Wonderful. As for trick or treaters, I am thankful they don't come round anymore. At my last house they totally ruined a new porch, paint on the glass etc, so I'm glad they stopped visiting.

  8. Your signature dish sounds so good! Yum!
    Thanks for being a part of the Friendly Fill-Ins! Hugs!
    Happy Halloween!
    Annie at ~McGuffy's Reader~