Saturday, October 22, 2016

Saturday 9: Can't Stop the Feeling! (2016)

Unfamiliar with this week's tune? Hear it here.

1) This is an upbeat, positive song. Are you feeling upbeat and positive right now?  Yes

2) Justin Timberlake is a good dancer. And why not? In this song, he sings he has "good soul in my feet." Consider your own dancing talent and compose your own lyric: I have lots of toe tapping in my feet.

3) In the video, there's dancing in the laundromat. Do you have dirty clothes in the hamper, or are you all caught up with your laundry? No, I have dirty clothes in my laundry....I do it on Saturday and Sunday, a hangover from my working days. 

4) There's also dancing in the supermarket. What do you need to pick up at the store? Salad dressing, we won a gift card recently to a store that I don't shop, except for a sugar free, fat free dressing that Mr BC really likes.....very low calorie and tasty. Promised that I would use the card to stock up.

5) This song will appear in the upcoming Dreamworks Trolls movie. Some people believe Troll dolls are good luck. Do you have a good luck charm? Not really...Mr BC has some lucky shirts and pants. 

6) Justin Timberlake loves to dunk Oreos in milk. Crazy Sam thinks this is all wrong -- the way to eat an Oreo is to twist the two halves apart and lick the cream first. Which method do you prefer, Justin's or Sam's? I don't prefer either...I am not fond of Oreos.  I know....sacrilege!

7) Justin admits to some fashion fails. He and Britney Spears wore matching denim outfits that he regrets, and he's sorry he ever tried cornrows. What about you? Can you think of a look you thought was cool at the time, but now it makes you shudder? I had a really curley, afro-like permanent in 1978. It was the only hair do, that Mr BC vocally disliked.

8) He is a very good golfer. When were you last on the golf course? I took golf for a semester in college.  I never picked up a club after the final exam. 

9) Random question: Think about your romantic involvements. Were you in love with one of them, some of them, or all of them? Only in love with Mr BC.  I must admit I was infatuated with one guy when I was younger...but it was one sided. Most of, the few guys I dated, more than a couple of times



  1. I flipped on the computer for a quick break and your blog was up. A good piece of chill that I need.
    One thing about Justin Timberlake that I like is that he is a good comedian. He was funny in "Bad Teacher" and the times he hosted SNL. SNL is not everyone's cup of tea but I enjoy it 4 out of 5 times. Sometimes it is a dull show and the jokes rely too much on being bawdy at time. But I still like the show.

  2. It seems more than one of the Saturday 9'ers had an afro. I was just a bit too young for that.

  3. So you didn't much enjoy golf, but were you good at it? How did you do on that exam?

  4. You have reminded me that I have a lucky charm.... the problem is I can't remember where it is. I certainly wouldn't have thrown it away. I must start a search.