Sunday, November 18, 2012

Big Confessions-Sunday Stealing.


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1. Have you anything to confess today?

I don't have any will power and I can justify breaking my diet so easily.  It is really my health that suffers in the long run.      
2. Have you ever broken a law? If so, what was it? 
Traffic Laws, smoked pot and underage drinking.
3. Have you ever committed an act of betrayal against a friend or family member? Explain.
Prepare for a daytime drama. I am not proud that when I was 19, I did not speak up, when younger (17) girlfriend got got pregnant by a high school guy (16) with no future. She had a really bad family situation and was worried they would kick her out. I had introduced her months before to a guy friend I had known for many years. his family owned a business where he worked.  He was crazy about her but she not so much.  She arranged a date, had sex soon after and then told him she was pregnant. I knew it wasn't his kid but did not say anything and they married. He eventually knew the kid wasn't his (he could count after all) so he was stuck he made the best of it for a while. He won in the end. They divorced about 2 years later, he wanted to remain in the kids life and she wanted out so claimed correctly the kid wasn't his, he got custody after a while.
4. Has someone else done something that, to this day, makes you cringe when  you think about them committing the act?   
A relative got my grandmother involved his business affairs, so that when he went belly up she ended up with second mortgages and no money, when she had her strokes, she had to go to a county hospital/home where she  lived until she died. I'm not sure she had so much money that she couldhave  gone private, however, she essentially died pennyless.  I have never forgiven him.
 5. Have you ever found yourself sexually aroused by someone that you  absolutely should not have been?    
Not recently.
6. Have you ever cheated at school? how so?    
I looked on someone's test papers,
7. What if you came across a backpack stuffed with one hundred thousand  dollars. Would you keep it?
I would be tempted.  If it was old and dirty and claimless, I probably would want to keep it, but no.      
8. What if you were the most powerful person in the world. How would you use that power? Hum.......
9. What if you found a magic lamp?  Hum........
10. What if you could change one thing about the world. What would that one thing be?
I would take that magic lamp and ask for peace, prosperity and goodwill for everyone.
11. What if you could take one thing back. What would that one thing be?
See #3, I am grown up and strong enough to tell him about her plot and know where my real friendship should be, I am not in touch with either of them any more.  That little boy was the one who was really hurt.
12. What if you were stuck on an island forever but had all the water, food and shelter you needed. What would you do? 
I would pray for rescue because I don't do well alone. I need people.
13. What if the internet didn't exist?
I wouldn't have all my questions answered as quickly as I do now.....
14. What if you never started blogging?
I think my retirement would be a lot more boring.  Even though I don't all my readers personally, I know many of them enough that I think of them as friends and would miss not knowing them better.
15. What are your November 22 Thanksgiving plans?
Dinner with DD2 and Mr BC's family at my house.



  1. Great answer to number 10!! loved it! have a great day and great holiday!

  2. Wow to question number 3. Must have been a great friend to want to stay in the little's ones life and it wasn't his child. Have a happy Thanksgiving

  3. Lola hosted Saturday 8. Her questions were weird and tried to justify her warped world. She went away and never came back...

  4. I too like the answer to No.10.

  5. Wow!

    The betrayal answer, is delicious. Awesome.

  6. Interesting, as always. I've left you an award on my blog, which I hope you will accept.


  7. I would be sad if the internet didn't exist. But I guess I wouldn't really be sad, because I wouldn't know what I was missing.

  8. Great Answers. I just followed you I hope you won't mind following me too.

  9. You smoked pot, but did you inhale? Lol! I still don't understand why pot is not legal. I hear the medicinal properties are pretty valuable for cancer patients.