Saturday, November 17, 2012

Bond....James Bond-Saturday 9



1) "Live and Let Die" was nominated for an Oscar as best song. Do you have a favorite movie song?
I always have a favorite when the Awards come around but I can't pin down an all time favorite, in fact at this moment in time I can't remember any. Again, I will say...oh yeah...when I read everyone else's posts.

2) The latest Bond movie, Skyfall, is crazy successful. Have you seen it/do you want to see it?
Generally I wait until movies come to DVD. We rarely go out to the movies.  We will probably go see the Lincoln movie soon and Les Miz, when it opens on Christmas Day.

3) What do you think makes Bond movies so endearingly popular?
I have never been able to figure it out, it's a guy thing.

4) Do you have a favorite among the actors who have played "Bond, James Bond?"
I love Sean Connery, he was ok as Bond, but I love him in everything else. He is my all time favorite actor.  I started watching Bond movies again when Daniel Craig took over the role now he is what I call a hunk.

5) Bond orders martinis -- "shaken, not stirred." What's your regular drink order?
Ice Tea, not the alcoholic stuff.
6) Moving from the bar to breakfast -- do you have a favorite cereal?
I like Honey Nut Cheerios's with blueberries or bananas or a flavored oatmeal.
7) Let's daydream about warm weather. Would you rather swim in a lake, the ocean, or an outdoor pool?
I like to swim where I can see the bottom.  So I prefer a pool. I dip my feet in the ocean when I can.

8) Did you get 8 hours' sleep last night?
No, I have company coming so when the dog woke me up at 5, I Couldn't go back to sleep.  So I am doing Sat 9 with Totem.

9) What are you wearing on your feet right now?
My bare feet are cold and Totem is not a foot warmer, he is a cozy up right next to you type of dog.



  1. ohhhhhh Honey Nut Cheerios with banana - that's another favorite of mine. And I'm a "fruit doesn't belong in cereal" type of gal, too. :)

  2. My babies are not foot warmers either! One min pin and one chihuahua ... but they warm my heart! Thanks for stopping by!

  3. I am so pumped to see Les Miz. It's suppose to be really good!

  4. I love the name of your dawg!

    Can't wait to see Les Mis myself! :D

  5. I agree that DC is yummy! Can't wait for les mis. It looks like it's going to be good.

  6. Lemon and ginger tea is my preference at any time of day. I miss my dog, he was a great foot warmer.

  7. Sean Connery was my favourite Bond but I do like Daniel Craig. ;)

  8. Guys like because of the big toys

  9. Daniel Craig was so good in The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. He's a hunk and a good actor -- quite a combination!

  10. I like to see the bottom where I swim, too!