Friday, November 02, 2012

What's been going on, you ask?

We are looking for a Class C RV and Mr BC spends hours on end looking and dreaming .  Last night he found one that just got posted on Craigslist.  We answered with an e-mail and we are going to look at it today.  I am going to be the voice of reason if we like it, and not let him buy it right away, we are going to go home and think about it, if we like it.  If it is good as it looks it is going to be hard, because it is just what we are looking for at a good price.  We put a deposit down. It was perfect.

It is actually a little more carmel colored than it photographs.
In other news, I bought Mr BC a new recliner this week.  We have an old Lazy Boy that has held up very well so we will put it upstairs in the guest room for now.  It was too low and not easy for Mr BC to get out of with his wonky knees and to be honest is a little worn to be with all my other new furniture.  So it was replaced with a throne.  He is very happy and has not been out of it much, since it arrived.

I went to a new doctor this week, that is always a problem when you move, you have to find new medical folks.  I really like him, I usually have a woman medico, but this guy was recommended by friends and Mr BC.  I think it is a good fit.  He really spent a lot of time with me and that was impressive.  Next I need to go to the dentist to have a crown replaced, I swallowed it. Uh oh! Mr BC has already been to see him for a front tooth fix.  Soon we will both look a little less toothless.  This Christmas  Лука won't be able to ask me, to show him my little tooth.

Mr BC and I have been on Weight Watchers, at least I have been cooking WW.  He has lost about 15 lbs and after my visit to the Dr, I will have to start taking it more seriously.  I am looking for somewhere to give the rest of my Halloween Candy, to.  Is that a real sentence.......?  I have only lost 3 lbs.  I hate that he can always lose more when he puts his mind to it.

Have a good weekend everyone!


  1. I have two probably unachievable dreams. One of them is to travel one length of America, in an old school Chevy pick up.

    If I am not able to get a Chevy, then I want to use an RV, that would be awesome.

    The recliner is impressive to, I miss my old navy one. I used

  2. I would love to tour America in a campervan. I don't think I would be allowed in though.
    Have a lovely weekend.

  3. WOW Mr BC has done really well on WW! I really need to lose about 14lbs. I do well for a couple of weeks then get sidetracked and I'm back where I started!

  4. You are ther second person I've heard of finding an rv on Craig's list! That's cool. I've never looked much at the listings because I'm always afraid they'll be some axe murderer trying to tempt me with their cheap stuff.
    Anyhow, I'm glad it is perfect. That chair is perfect too. Sounds like you're getting settled quite nicely.

  5. I love that chair!

    Good news about Mr BC losing all that weight. Keep at it, you'll get there.

  6. We had several dentists who gave a dollar per pound of candy. They're going to send it overseas to the troops, I read. Perhaps there is a dentist in your area?

    Good luck on the weight loss. I know it is hard, but the end result will be worth it.