Saturday, November 03, 2012

Key Largo-Saturday 9

1) This song was inspired by the Bogart/Bacall movie of the same name. Do you have a favorite Humphrey Bogart film? Which one? 
African Queen with Katherine Hepburn a classic.  Not to mention Casablanca, would seem heretical, however to me, it is only ok.

2) Where do you rent mov
ies? (Netflix, Redbox, OnDemand, etc.)
New movies at Amazon Prime and Netflix for older ones, both, downloaded to the TV with Roku.

3) Have you ever been to the Florida Keys?
Not only been there, but  we lived in Key West for the first year we were married.  Mr BC was in the Navy then.  I wrote about it here.

4) According to government statistics, more than half the people who currently live in Florida were born in another state. Were you born in the state where you currently live?
I was born in California, however, Mr BC was born in Missouri and we are currently living in the small town where he grew up.
5) To be honest, Crazy Sam really hates this week's featured song. (Hear it here.) Do you like it? Loathe it? Or are you unfamiliar with it? 
When I saw it as the Saturday 9 prompt, I couldn't recall it  or the artist. .In 1982, it was played so much that it did get tiresome.  Now, It is a fond memory of the Keys. I actually prefer the Beach Boys, mention of Key Largo in Kokomo.

6) Local authorities in a suburb of Sydney blasted Barry Manilow songs into a neighborhood park to keep "hooligans" away after dark. Is there an artist or song that would make you run in the other direction?
Rap Music or Stravinski.

7) Two of the most common fears are going to the dentist and speaking in public. Do either of those really get under your skin?
I spoke in front of people for a living in a training room, so speaking in front of most people isn't so bad unless, I don't know the subject matter.  Going to the dentist is a horror to me. I generally put it off until I can't any more.  That is why I have so many root canals and crowns. 

8) We're having burgers. What do you want on yours?
Swiss cheese, mayonnaise, lettuce, onion, avocados

9) Here's your chance to do a shameless plug -- What charity or cause do you wish got more support?
I am exceptionally fond of animal charities like the Humane Society or ASPCA.  I love Corgipals and Corgi Aid, more information can be found on The Daily Corgi


  1. I am hopeless when it comes to classical music, so I wouldn't know my Stravinsky from my Rachmaninoff. I think it's very cool that you would, though.

  2. Corgis are the cutest :) Loved your answers, have a great weekend.

  3. I had numerous thoughts I had planned on leaving here, until I got to "avocados." Now I neeeeeeed some guac. LOL! ;)

  4. I am so with you on the dentist fear! That's why I'm so wound up about my wisdom teeth saga for the past month.

  5. How could I forget avocado? Yummy.

    I mentioned Kokomo, too. Such a great song even if it's not the best Beach Boys tune.

  6. I can not believe I forgot about African Queen.

    Happy Saturday!

  7. During WWII my father was stationed at the naval base in Key West. some day I would like to go and visit there.

  8. Rap Music would keep me away.

    Have a great rest of your Saturday!

  9. After reading different answers I remember how many great movies Bogart was in.

    Spent two to three days in Key West, a fun place to visit. Would be an interesting place to live, you do have to be a little liberal to fit in.

    Love animal charities, must be a common desire for people these days. Just remember Nude People Unite - we are all nudist under our clothes. :)

  10. Yes, rap music would keep me away. Hmmm what's wrong with Barry Manilow?