Saturday, November 10, 2012

Good Morning Heartache-Saturday 9

1) Do you come up with your brightest ideas early in the morning or late at night?
Early morning, after a good nights sleep.

2) Are you more likely to feel romantic at night or in the morning?
Too much bad breath in the morning and I need my coffee. Do you notice how I avoided the whole subject?

3) Do you shower in the morning, after work or before bed?
Last night, before bed 'cause we got to go somewhere early, but usually shower in the morning.  We have a huge clawfoot tub and I love to fill it every so often and take a bath before bedtime.

4) Billie Holiday was just 44 when she died. Is there an artist whose early demise surprised and saddened you?
Buddy Holly and Elvis.  I am sure there are others and I will acknowlege them when I read them on your posts.

5) Billie was known as "Lady Day." Do you have a cool nickname? (If not, feel free to give yourself one right now.)
Daddy called me Katydid.

6) When was the last time you had the blues?
I don't really get the blues, because of Paxil.

7) Crazy Sam is eating Trader Joe's Snickerdoodles as she composes this. What's the last snack food you ate?
Yesterday we went to Kansas City on business and stocked up at Trader Joes since we were there.  We don't have them in our area. I have been muching on their individual trail mix bags.  Yum!

8) Do you worry about preserving endangered species? Or do you believe in survival of the fittest?
They are dying off generally, because of humans. So they don't have a chance unless other humans preserve and protect them and their environment.

9) Would you ever hire a lawyer who runs commercials on TV? Do you know anyone who has?
No, DD1 is an attorney. Don't know anyone who has consulted a TV commercial one.


  1. I love the photo you chose to accompany your post!

    I used to have a tub like that. I lived on the top floor of a very old apartment building and because there was no water pressure it took forever to fill. And yet, I loved that tub.

  2. It's great to have your own personal (related) lawyer on hand for advice isn't it? :)

    Loved your answers.

  3. Oh yes, how could I forget the "Day that the Music Died..." Buddy Holly, Richie Valens and The Big Bopper plane crash.

  4. OOOH I love the pic you picked!

    And the comment about Paxil -- made me laugh...

    and YES... I noticed how you avoided the question! :)

  5. I thought your reply to No 2. was clever.

  6. Oh, I forgot about how sad I was when Elvis died. He was the first celebrity I was aware of that died.

  7. Love those old tubs. I can't get comfortable in an apartment size tub.

  8. Claw foot tub, when I was little my great aunts in Little Rock, AR had one. It would swallow me. Do not remember if I could even get in and out by myself. Were you avoiding sex or romance in the morning? Just put some breath mints on the night stand. BTW the dogs loved the Cheetos smell on the cast. As always, great to see you.

  9. i haven't had a bath tub in over 3 years... i miss my baths!

  10. Claw-foot tubs are THE BEST. I would never take a shower if I had a claw-foot tub, but alas, apartments and their generic tubs and showers ;)

    We don't have a Trader Joe's here, either, much to my chef husband's dismay. Lord help our bank account if we ever move to a location with an organic food store.