Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Chatting-Getting Ready for Fall

Everyday Ruralty

1.  Did you ever take piano lessons, as a child or adult? No, I tried violin in 5th grade and lasted 3 months....the amount of time for the rental of the violin.

2.  How many times do you eat out each month? About once a month, we are both always on a diet...so it is easier not to go out.  But if it is a special occasion we will go out.

3.  If you could snap you fingers and change one thing about your appearance, what would that be? (Temporary or permanent) See...always on a diet...in the previous answer.  I really wish I was taller and slimmer.

4.  Do you like looking at art or photography? Do you go to any place that displays them? Mr BC and I are both art fans.  We just went to Crystal Bridges in Arkansas this summer and really enjoyed it. We have art in our home.  I am a fan of design as well.

5.  Do you have new things for your fall/ winter wardrobe? No, I outfitted myself for fall and winter last year when we moved from CA to MO.  It is still in good shape.  I just need to put the summer things away when it cools off and replace it with the winter/fall stuff.


  1. Now I remember, 5th grade violin, never learned how to tune it, so you know how great practicing sounded, when I practiced, that is.
    Enjoyed your answers.

  2. I wanted to take violin lessons as a child, but I didn't get to. Later, I wanted to play the saxophone, but I didn't have the lung power for it.

    Thanks for sharing the link to Crystal Bridges. It looks like it will be a fun site to go through.

    Have a great week!

  3. I took piano lessons and can't play a note now. You can tell I wasn't cut out for being a pianist...lol.

  4. I love to look at art and surround myself with it. My father was an artist, my daughter is a painter, and I have been known to produce some art too. I need to rotate my clothes for the upcoming season too.