Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Chatting about Bluegrass

Everyday Ruralty

1.  How well do you handle change? Better than some at my age and circumstance (old and retired).  I like a little change it makes life interesting. I am not always crabbing about how it use to be better, even though some times 'it did use to be better.'   I can adapt eventually to most change. I initially had a hard time adjusting to retirement, I kept feeling at the end of the day, that there was something I didn't get done.
2.  What did you have for breakfast this morning?  So far, a cup of coffee, and a little apple pie pastry. I will have a bowl of cereal with fruit a little later. I don't really care for eggs and breakfast meat.

3.  What's your favorite kind of nut? (Almond, pecan, peanut, walnut, cashews, macadamia, brazil,)
I am fond of almost all nuts, I eat almonds most frequently.  DD2 has a severe(swelling) to Brazil nuts, that we found out about one Christmas. We tested her, but Brazil nuts were the only allergen. She has had several reactions when eating nut toppings, so she just avoids all nuts as an adult.

4.  Do you have a pumpkin in your house or yard?  Not yet. I like to use the little ones and I do not carve any more, so I can use them through to Thanksgiving.

5.  Would you like it if I changed the format of these Chats? What do you think would be good?
     (Would you enjoy fill in the blanks, one big topic to discuss, or something else?) Any change would be ok, but I am not fond of the fill in ones.  A single topic could be good as well.  I like the five simple questions.  It is the right size.

We returned from our long weekend on Sunday afternoon.  We went to the Starvy Creek Bluegrass Festival with Maggie and Jiggs.  It is in Conway MO, about 2 hours from where we live.  What a great time and good pickin' and grinning' music.  The weather was beautiful, when the rain stopped on Friday.  There were a lot of professional groups and some real talent camping around us with quite a few impromptu performances around us.  We had a wonderful time. Mr BankerChick and I especially enjoyed The Little Roy and Lizzy Show on Thursday night, they are a hoot and very talented.


  1. A few changes here and there does make life interesting! I enjoyed your chat today!

  2. I used to get so aggravated at my Mom for not decorating at Christmas....and now I understand completely!!! I usually only do it nowadays because of our grandkids!!! HOPE you have a blessed day!!!

  3. I love bluegrass music! Not much of it around here in IL but I was raised on it.

  4. i think a bluegrass festival would be SO much fun!

  5. I honestly love being retired. I don't very often say I have nothing to do so as my blog title says I am retired not tired.

  6. I don't carve pumpkins anymore either... too messy! I actually bought a pre-lighted jack o lantern at Michael's at an end of season sale a few years back. He sits on my front porch til after Halloween. Have a great week.

  7. Some of my fondest memories are of watching Roy Clark and Buck Owens do their 'Pickin' and 'Grinnin' on Hee Haw. Roy was awesome at that banjo.

    We usually get a pumpkin to see how long it will last. The last one made it to January!

  8. I have never bought a pumpkin and don't know anyone here who has. It seems that Halloween is more popular in the States than here in the UK.

  9. I think that there are some changes that are very difficult to get used to, like doing something for 20-30 years and then not doing it anymore. That is kind of the spot that I'm at...I've been a mama for 27 years now and my baby girl is 18 years old. Our oldest joined the Navy in 2004 and our youngest son is joining the Marines in December or January. Our oldest daughter is leaving for school out of town in the spring. That just leaves me, David, and the youngest and she'll be leaving for her next school probably next fall. I'm not liking this emptying nest deal at all!