Friday, October 24, 2014

Friday Fragments

Half-Past Kissin' Time

We have a European trip planned for September 2015,  I made the reservations this week and put the deposit down.  Lots of planning to do in the meantime. It is a tour with some free time built into it.  We also built 2 extra days in London so we can see more, I've been. but Mr BC has not and he has lots of things on his list.  Paris and Rome will be new to both of us.  Exciting times ahead!

We went to our first meeting of the Greater Ozark British Car Club, they meet for lunch once a month for lunch and meeting.  We are going on this Saturday for a drive with them in our vintage MG,  We will be driving into the hills to see the colorful Fall Foliage and have lunch again.  Some of you may remember that Mr BC loves his British cars, he has 2 ready to drive and one that he is restoring.

My hand is doing so  much better, I only wear my splint when I am tired and it starts hurting.  I have not had to take pain medicine except some Aleve in the evening if it is sore from overuse.  I am no good with my left hand.

Well, when we went to Walmart, to fix DD2's spare tire last week, I heard my first Christmas tune.  Too soon!

Took sweet Caspar to the vet, he was running a temp and had blood in his urine, and been having accidents, thus, with the puppy pads we had put down for him, we were able to determine the blood.
He is on a course of antibiotics. He has not had an accident.....must have been cystitis.  The Dr ruled out stones.  We have two weeks of the medicine.


  1. The Ozarks is great place to drive a sporty car. Be careful on those tight curves. I have not travel across the pond in many years. London was always an interesting visit. Paris a few times. Only been to the Rome airport :( My approach on travel is to the book the start and finish locations and leave most of the middle stuff unbooked. Of course if there is a popular must-see place then that's different. This approach does lead to some interesting not so great rooms for the night.
    Wishing Caspar a quick recovery.

  2. Thanks so much for stopping by my Friday Fragments post!
    Your European trip sounds exciting, and I hope it will be.
    I agree, it's too early for Christmas music!
    Hope Caspar feels better soon :)

  3. Your European trip sounds wonderful. We are taking a 50 day cruise to Europe. We did a 42 day one a year ago. The new one includes Greece and Malta. Lots to look forward to.

  4. So much to comment on today... We lived in a village about 15 miles outside of London for six years prior to moving to NJ ( we are Americans, went on a corporate assignment). England will always hold a special tender place in my heart. You're going to some wonderful cities! Also, we have a 1970 MG...we bought it in the UK so it's a right hand drive. Enjoy your weekend!

  5. Your trip certainly sounds like something to look forward to, indeed. I have never been to London, but found Rome and Paris so interesting with more to do in and around the city than we had time for. The drive thru the Rockies sounds delightful and what better way to enjoy the follage.

  6. Thrilled that you are coming to the old country again. I will try and arrange good weather for you! I didn't know your husband had a love of English cars... I certainly like the one in the picture. The one in the picture reminds me of an Aston Martin - how close am I?

    Good news that your hand injury is less painful.

  7. Your European trip sounds so exciting! I've never been but it's on my list to go.