Friday, October 17, 2014

Some Thoughts on Columbus Day and other Friday Fragments

John Oliver made an excellent point about Columbus Day, on Last Week Tonight, about why is Columbus Day still a Thing?  He discusses how "some people with brains don’t celebrate it anymore. So America’s least favorite holiday commemorates a murderous, egomaniac who’s most famous discovery was a cast of getting lost and refusing to ask directions, all of which is enough to make you wonder— Columbus Day. How is this still a thing?” I don't remember being taught about the genocide that Columbus perpetuated. See the link above to see the video.

I did not know about all these codes to indicate how I liked the meal.  I usually tell servers if I did not like the meal and I always tell the Hostess of I thought their meal was excellent.

Since I hurt my hand a couple of weeks ago, I have had a hard time keeping up with my housework and the dog hair is the worst.  I just got a new brace which keeps my thumb immobilized, and even though I had a splint on all these weeks, this new device is really working well for me and I can vacuum without pain finally.  I also bought an electric can opener which has eased some of the strain of cooking. Mr Bankerchick is glad that he has been relieved of some of the helping with housework.  

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  1. I love, love, love your Columbus Day thoughts. I read portions of his diary for a grad level course in American Literature. He lost his mind in his later voyages, spending considerable time looking for the lost Garden of Eden which he assumed was in Central or South America. Specifically, he wrote of finding land that would resembles 2 boobs, and the cleavage would be a waterway leading to that earthly paradise. I reckon he had left his wife back in Europe. Poor guy.

  2. Oh crazy Mr. Columbus! Whatever we think of him would we be here without him? Sure others were here first, but..
    I get dizzy trying to remember where to put my silverware.
    I hope your hand continues to heal, have a nice weekend.

  3. I didn't know about those meal codes. Does that mean a fork stuck accidentally in the server's back is not part of the code?
    I did a Columbus Day post (excuse my blog promotion)

  4. Love the codes. We don't celebrate Columbus Day however we have a long weekend because we have our thanksgiving instead.

  5. I didn't know about the meal codes either but I always say if I've liked meal or not. Good that you can now use the vacuum cleaner to help out with the housework... I smiled over that one.

  6. The fork and knife codes were different to my grandfather's family. If you were done, you put the tips of the fork and knife together at the top edge of the plate. These must be restaurant codes. ;o)

  7. Sorry to hear you injured your hand, especially the dominant one! Can't say I'd be upset not to vacuum, but good for you :) Kendall came home tonight for the weekend and will help me grocery shop; I'm sure Mr.4444 will appreciate the reprieve. Thanks for linking up Sorry it too me forever to get over here! :)