Monday, October 06, 2014

Memory Monday

Retired Not Tired Memory Monday

I really like the idea of recording some of my memories so I'm joining Judy @ retired not tired for Memory Monday and her prompts for jogging some of my memories. 
                          Our prompt is:  My First Memory

Like Romi @ In the Way Everlasting, so many of my memories are influenced by pictures, home movies and stories it is hard to know if those first memories aren't somehow influenced by those things.

I remember going to Sunday dinner at my grandparents house, always fried chicken. We were there every Sunday after church.  

I think my first true memory is of going to my cousin's first day of kindergarten and wanting to go with her so badly.  I had to wait for the next year.  During that year my elementary school was built at the end of our street and I remember watching the walls go up.  I was in the first kindergarten class.  That summer we got dressed up and went to the school office to register me.  That school remained a huge part of my life as we were on the playground during school hours and after.  When we moved back to California in 1982, we stayed for a while with my folks and DD1 went to 4th grade at that school.  It is still there, although it has been converted into a Jr High School.  I went there K-8.

I also remember going to Sunday School and Ruthie Pridgen was my teacher.  She was one half of an older couple, who were friends for years of my Mom and Dad, she always loved to tell the story of when we were asked to sing a song in class, and I sang a beer commercial jingle. We got our first television just before I started school.


  1. Those are wonderful memories. Thanks for joining in.

  2. I enjoyed reading about your first memories, expecially about the song you sang in a Sunday School class. :-)

  3. Nice reading about your memories. I tried writing mine down once but quickly gave up. It felt more like trying to write a book.

  4. That is a cute story about the beer jingle. Out of the mouths of babes! I love the idea of sharing memories at Memory Monday

  5. That's funny! The beer jingle I remember from my childhood was the "from the land of sky blue water."