Friday, October 31, 2014

Not So Spooky Friday Fragments

This is the most Halloweenie that I will get this year. Since we  moved back to MO we have not had one trick or treater and I have even had decorations up. So this year we are just going to turn the porch light off and hide out.  This works well as I haven't bought any candy so I won't eat any candy!  Win win.

Mr BC went to the cardiologist and he suggested that he try the New Atkins diet to lose weight and increase his energy and decrease his fatigue, so we will give it a try.  I will go on it too, to give him support.  I will miss you carbs.  We are going to start it the first of the year.  A book is on the way. Until then he will continue on his (lower case) weight watchers points. 

This is get ready for winter day, as we are to have our first freeze tonight. Right now Mr BC is installing a new thermostat for the bad words so far, so I am assuming it is going ok so far.  Oh he just asked for aaa batteries,  He thinks programming it will be the most difficult.  After that, we will winterize the RV until we need it to go to CA at Christmas.

I have waited and waited..... too long for my Amazon order, my computer battery....Went to the order, on line, so I could complain....and discovered the problem. One of my addresses with Amazon, is DD1's, in Santa Barbara, this is so I can order things for the boys, mailed directly to them. The last thing I had ordered were Mutant Turtles costumes for the boys. Did you guess what happened?  What a mess. I really need that battery before we visit SB for Christmas. Here is hoping she can remember to mail it to me.

  Some Funny pictures I have been collecting for you pleasure:

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  1. I almost sent books to my sister that were going to my daughter. Hope your battery arrives soon! Those alpacas are just too adorable! : )

  2. Thanks for stopping by my FF post today! I enjoyed reading yours, as well as the pictures at the end :)

    Good luck with the low carb diet. You may be grumpy at first!

    We're expecting colder weather here, too. I'm not looking forward to that. It's been near 80 all week! Expecting a low of 40 tomorrow night. Wow, what a change!

  3. Think we're finally going to have colder temps tonight and tomorrow, so maybe fall is in full swing. I hope so!

    Cute pictures and made me smile.

    And, all the best with the low carb diet. Happy weekend!

  4. That low carb diet is really a winner. Good luck to you two!

    Halloween....A friend in Chicago said he didn't think they would get any trick or treaters because it was going to be raining with possible snow flurries. If one came by he would just dump all the candy into that child's bag and say, "There ya go, you are done for the evening.. go get WARM!"

  5. Hope the diet works. UK has had some brilliant weather but I understand there's to be a rapid change. Thank goodness for central heating!

  6. I've known people to use the diet and it worked but with reactions. It never worked for me though. Because I kept slipping carbs in here and there. Ha! I'm terrible about getting around to and remembering to mail things. And, by terrible, I mean HORRIDLY so!

  7. Welcome back!
    Yes I'd miss my carbs too! I haven't ever had many trick or treaters either but a few new families have moved into the neighborhood. I still kept my light off because after dealing with kids all Halloween day, I've had my fill of Halloween. It did rain later in the evening so it made for a quick, quiet night.