Monday, October 12, 2015

Mind the Gap - Pt 1 of the Great Adventure

And the stairs!

We weren't met at the airport by Go Ahead, because we choose to have extra days before the tour, so we were aware that we had to make our own way to the hotel.  Boy, Howdy! I made plans and some were good and others not so good.  We arrived at about 11:15 am, after the overnight flight.  All was good, I had made plans......

After clearing the passport part of arrival, we had to decide whether to take the Heathrow Express to Paddington or the Piccadilly Line to Bakerloo, to Waterloo station.  Since the Oyster card did not cover the Heathrow Express (I thought it did), we opted for the Underground, while it worked and we got to our destination, We would have done better on the train and a taxi to our destination. 

Next time in London, I will take more taxis  Less wear and tear on our tired bodies. We opted for less expense and adventure.....! Not the best choice.  I only remember the escalators on the underground,,,,,not the flights of stairs between different lines (with 1 suitcase and our carry ons in tow and Mr BC knees.) 

It was a really a short walk to our hotel from Waterloo Station but after the flight etc,  we were glad to be able to check into the hotel to nap, order room service and then sleep again.  The room was lovely, the bed was great, and room service was reasonable. This hotel had the best room and breakfast, of the whole trip.  This part of the trip was all my planning and so far...on day 2, I was regretting some of my planning decisions, but not the trip.

H10  London Waterloo Hotel from their website.

Next time: A good night rest and on to Westminster. 


  1. Oh boy, those stairs are killers with or without luggage. I agree, next time take taxis, they're not as expensive as we think and they do save our legs.

  2. Very interesting and informative post along with excellent photos. Best wishes