Monday, October 19, 2015

On to Buckingham Palace and the Queen's Backyard

I've been to London to visit the Queen....although she wasn't there, she opened the the Palace for a visit....for £40.  I really wanted to do this, Mr BC almost bailed on me because of....walking.  In making plans, I forgot again that walking the mall in Joplin is different from walking the Mall at Buckingham Palace.  Taxi's from the start next time. 

Mr BC is somewhere on the steps of this statue.
Crowds Everywhere
I planted Mr BC at the Victoria Statue outside Buckingham Palace and went to find the ticket office. Then went back to get him when I found the ticket office around the side of the palace on Buckingham Palace Road.  The whole ticket taking was very well done as you might think.  It was a Friday and next to last day of the tours and crowded as expected. (Pictures of the inside of the palace are from the a web site.
Paul was able to go back stage a bit and take an elevator up and down.

You get the idea, the rooms actually seemed a little smaller with crowds and informational displays.  All very opulent, lots of Dutch painters, Chinese vases, silk, lavish ceilings and wallpaper. Between this and Windsor Castle, they were the reason, I didn't want to see Versailles on the French portion of the tour. I imagine the personal rooms being filled with tweed, tartan, chintz and corgis. 

One could take pictures outside, in the backyard. We had some coffee and sat on the porch, then made our way out. We could see Magpies and sea birds on the lawn and there was a small lake/pond, toilets (finally) and the ubiquitous gift shop with really nice (read, expensive) gifts. 

At the end of the walk out, I found where everyone got the ice cream they were eating, in front of the palace....I was craving something to eat by the time we got there. Good move, Liz and Phil!

We made our way to crowded Victoria underground...It was Friday night, remember and then to our hotel.  We had an excellent room service. We also noted the bus stop in front of the hotel and check bus service to the Tower of London for tomorrow.

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  1. I can understand the shock of walking the Mall. It's a tad too long for most people, including me. Lovely to see the pictures of the palace... they brought back memories.