Thursday, October 15, 2015

When I Thought I Lost Mr BC in Westminster Abbey - Pt 2

Part One Here
Well, after our day of rest on day one we got up feeling more refreshed.* Our hotel provided a great breakfast and we feasted every morning to fuel our day. This should be the only picture of food from the H10 Waterloo, and I pulled it off the internet but this was what Mr Bankerchick had every morning, What I liked were the pastries, fruit, and they had smoothies, peach and strawberry.....yum!   We always had lunch out and about. 

We tackled the Tube again, as we had our Oyster Card, which worked for us the whole time we were in London.  It was only one stop to Westminster....It could have been walked but, we knew we would be walking a lot.  When we came out of the station, we were greeted by Big Ben. A big Just Think moment for Mr BC.  We never did get a good picture of Parliament (the traditional one) but did get this. 

We then made our way to Westminster Abbey, a top spot on Mr BC's list.  Needless to say no photography in the Abbey, but we clicked as we waited in the line.

You buy your tickets at the door and the handset guide was free.  We used a London Pass and I would say we got our money's worth in admissions for the 3 days we purchased.  It advertises you can skip long lines, but those are only the ticket purchase is your ticket.  But you still might have to stand in line if the ticket purchase is at the end of the entrance line or if there is another line to get was the case most every where we went .

Since 1560, the building is no longer an abbey nor a cathedral, having instead the  status of a "Royal Peculiar"—a church responsible directly to the sovereign. The  building itself is the original abbey church.Construction of the present church began in 1245, on the orders ofKing Henry III.[3] Wikipedia
Queen Elizabeth I
Paul and I got separated during our visit, I had walked through at a leisurely pace so I waiJust ted for him at poets corner..(I have been here before) He had spent time Thinking at Queen Elizabeth's crypt, he explained when he caught up with me.  We moved on to the outside portion of the Abbey.

The Cloister

The Chapter House
They found and uncovered some 13th and 14th century paintings on the wall.  I did not take pictures, but pulled some off the Abbeys website to show some examples.  This picture was taken from the door.   Out side was the Oldest door in England which an Asian tourist was trying his hardest to open, that really tickled me!. 
By this time we were ready to have a bite to eat, so we went to the Cellarium Cafe which is Zagat rated.  Fourteenth-century Benedictine monks once stored their provisions in this bi-level space beside Westminster Abbey, which has been converted into a relaxed eatery where midpriced Modern British eats are served for lunch and afternoon tea; the bright, modern setting has vaulted ceilings, refectory-style oak timber tables and a small outside terrace.

Next up for the day....Buckingham Palace.

*  From this point on I won't be referring to how tired we always were at the end of a day of touring, any more, just know that it is implied.  I will spare you our pain, it would become very tiresome. Since this wasn't a food tour, we did a lot of room service for dinner rather than going out again.  I know this would be anathema to many.....sorry.


  1. In the mid 80s I worked as a Nanny in London. I loved it. There was always something to see and do. Your lovely photos brought back so many memories. Im glad you had such a wonderful time. Thank you for sharing
    Phoebe x

    1. I envy you being able to live in England. DD2 studied there for 3 months in the early 2000's. What an opportunity.

  2. When I visited I didn't get to eat at the Cellarium Cafe. I always wondered what I had missed.