Sunday, October 11, 2015

That Alphabet Thing Meme - Sunday Stealing

Stolen from: Songs of innocence and of experience

A: Accent -- American....I was recognized as such, every where I traveled in Europe last week, and since I was so fashionably dressed and impeccably mannered, it must have been the accent.

B: Breakfast -- I had French Toast this morning, but usually I have breakfast cereal with blueberries or pomegranate seeds...there back.  I freeze them and add a handful...yum. 
C: Chore you hate -- Laundry...I have a stack of it that I have been working on since Wednesday.  I hate the folding and hanging. Toilets run a close second.

D: Dad's name -- Earl Dean, he was a good Oklahoma boy, transplanted to So CA after WWII. He went by Dean.  His brother's name was Buford.
E: Essential everyday item -- My computer.
F: Flavor ice cream -- Fruit flavored frozen yogurt.  Can't process dairy very well. 
G: Gold or silver -- I wear a lot of silver.
H: Hometown -- San Gabriel, CA
I: Insomnia -- Jet Lag
J: Job title -- Retired Banker, AVP
K: Kids -- Two grown daughters and two Grandsons.
M: Mother's birthplace -- San Gabriel, CA
N: Number of significant others -- Isn't one enough?

O: Overnight hospital stays -- About 10 nights, over my lifetime.  We use to stay in the hospital for longer time with our babies and tonsils. 
P: Phobia -- Extreme heights.

Q: Quick at -- Not much, any more.  My mind and body have really slowed down.
R: Religious affiliation -- Not really...I am mostly a Humanist.
S: Siblings -- It is just my brother and I.
T: Time you wake up -- About 5:30 am.
U: Unnatural hair colors -- I went red once...then I let the gray out.
V: Vegetable you refuse to eat -- Okra
W: Worst habit -- I am taking care of my procrastination issues:  just you wait and see.

 X: X-rays -- Last ones were dental, but several years ago, I had a broken ankle.
Y: Yummy -- Mint flavored M&M's.
Z: Zodiac sign -- Leo on the cusp of Cancer....what ever that means.


  1. Sounds like well-earned jet lag! I'm looking forward to poking around on your blog more to read about your travels!

  2. Next summer I plan to grow about five acres of okra. LOL, it is an acquired taste.

  3. Yes those mint M&M's can be killers. Whatever you do, don't put them in the freezer.... :)

  4. What fun answers...I loved reading them
    Phoebe x

  5. That accent crack and cartoon are hilarious! Loved your answers, all!
    I don't know what to make of Astrology either but it's sort of fun especially to a contrarian who reads it in the morning. ;-)