Sunday, December 25, 2016

Bring on the Dogs of Christmas--Sunday Stealing

1. Do you send out Xmas cards and if so how many do you send? Not anymore, Most of my Holiday Greetings are done through social media....I know I'm a terrible person.
2. Do you write and send a holiday letter to describe your year? Sometimes, I wrote a longer message in my Cards, I never liked just sending a signed card.
3. What do you think of photo cards? I like them. I would send this one of Gwennie.

4. How about the tree thing – do you have one every year? Do you prefer a real or artificial?  We had a lovely artificial tree, out in CA, due to allergies.  I have 2 small ones back here in MO, and they are up if we are spending the holidays here. They are here.

5. Describe your typical tree (size, decorations, type). If you don’t have a tree, do you decorate and if so, tell us about it. (If you don’t decorate make up a story here…) See #4
6. Do you hang up stockings? Whose names are on them (and relationships)? My mother knitted stockings for all of her family and some nieces and guess is they still have them.
  7. Your favorite Xmas movie(s) are? Mentioned them in Saturday 9 here.
8. Tell us about an Xmas movie you hate. I do not like the horror ones and won't watch them.  Gremlins was bad enough.
9. What’s favorite Xmas Song(s) That would be hard to decide.
10. What holiday song makes you want to hurl? I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas, it is being used on a USPS commercial and I get an ear worm every time.
11. What do you prefer for your holiday meal? Something simple.  We have chili on Christmas Eve and this year we are going to have lasagna, salad and Italian pastries. We use to do turkey and trimmings and I hated being in the kitchen all day. 

12. When do you open your gifts? When the girls were small, they got to open their Christmas PJ's the night before....but every thing else on Christmas morning.
13. Do you buy gifts for your pet? Of course.
14. What's the worst gift you've ever gotten? Nothing that stands out in memory. Maybe some Christmas exchanges gifts.

15. Do you ever travel for the holiday? We travel to family....but never to a Christmas destination.
16. Did you see Santa as a child? Yes, but we haven't taken the dogs to see Santa.
17. Have you ever gone caroling? Yes. In Girl Scouts.
18. Do you drive around and look at the Xmas lights? Not any more....there is just a lot of inflatables around and boy do those look funny on the ground in the morning.
19. Have you ever had a white Christmas? Oh sure!  Not in CA though!
20. Do you know how to ice skate? If yes, when did you skate the last time? I took lessons....again in Girl Scouts, i was about 12, I haven't been back.
21. Are we crazy for thinking that the holiday season is WAY too commercial? We're not crazy....the reason for the season seems to be material goods.
22. Have you ever worked Xmas eve or Xmas day? Years ago I liked to work on Christmas, lots of great overtime and since my teenagers no longer got up early, I use to do an early shift and someone else in my family got to do Christmas dinner.
23. What are your Xmas pet peeves? Traffic, we even have it here in MO. Christmas starts too early and so lasts way too long.
24. What’s your favorite thing about the holidays? We will be a small family group this year, and I would love to be spending it with the boys as well. They will be in Belgrade for 2 Christmases and New Year.
  25. Here's your chance to say something significant to our players. Go for it! 


  1. Lots of good dog photos, you can never have enough. Best wishes for a good Christmas day. Ann

  2. Gremlins was a Christmas movie? I don't remember that, but then, I think I've only seen it once. I like to watch The Lord of the Rings at Christmas (which surprises no one). I hope you have a great day.

  3. Haha, I like ll the dog pics/gifs. OMG, I forgot about Gremlins. That movie is terrible.

  4. I didn't realize there were Christmas horror movies!

  5. Where DO you get your gifs from? I love them. As for Christmas cards, one of my neighbours told me he is not going to send any in future, instead he is going to give the money to charity. I think I'll join him.